I saw some striped peacock eels at my LFS the other day and I fell in love with them. They're the cutest things ever. I started doing some research and found that's actually quite difficult to find anything on striped peacock eels other than this:


According to that I believe I have the space for it. My tank is 30" long x 18" deep x 24" high (56 gallons). I have sand substrate and a lot of hiding places including 2 pieces of driftwood. It is also planted. Will that be enough room for one? My understanding is that they're the smaller version of all the eels out there.

The hardest thing I've discovered that you can't find pretty much anywhere is compatibility. It says don't put them in with small fish. What counts as small fish? I have cherry barbs and bleeding heart tetras. Would it eat those?

If I got the smallest one I could find and it sort of grew up with its "friends" do you think it would still try to eat them when it got bigger?

I would love to have one but if it's going to make all my fish slowly disappear then I think I'll pass and just go visit my LFS and stare at them to get my fix. The way they poke their noses out of the sand is just so adorable! I hear they have great personalities too.

Any and all advice is appreciated!