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    Default red tail shark's tail gone white

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    Hello everyone. i bought a red tail shark 3 days ago, when i first got him he seemed fine, getting used to his new home, but the next day i thought he was swimming a little weired, very fast and seemed without purpose, and sometimes vertically. so i got my water tested, ammonia and nitrate were fine, but nitrite was high which is weired because i did a 30% water change the day before i bought the RTS, but i did a water change yesterday anyway since nitrite was high. and since yesterday morning after i changed the water, i've noticed his tail has gone pink, and this morning white, i dont know what could be causing this and i am so worried.

    his only tank mate is a baby pleco and a baby Red eared slider, and the red tail shark is also a baby. the pleco and RES both seem fine/normal, nobody is bothering anybody. they are in a 30g now, i know i eventually have to move them to a much bigger tank at least a 75g. but as for now i can't afford it.

    i think he's eating fine. the only thing i could think of might be because he's still new, and this couple days have been very hot and i dont have an AV in the living room, so the tank's water might be a little warm?

    please any idea/suggestion would be appreciated!
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    Turtles + fish = stress and eventually dead fish.

    Also, with high nitrites it indicates that the tank is not cycled.

    Read up on cycling with fish

    Both the pleco and the RTS will out grow that 30 very very fast and will eventually have problems due to being too large

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    Fish usually pale in response to stress.
    Water quality could be an issue. What are your exact(in numbers) parameters of ammonia, nitrite and nitrate? How long is the tank set up? Did you cycle it or do you know what cycling is? Could you have forgotten to dechlorinated the new water? Your stocking isn't ideal too. The pleco, if it is a common pleco will far outgrow a 30 gallon and also produces large amounts of waste. I am not an expert with turtles but I think that redear sliders belong in a largertank than that and also are heavy waste producers. The heavy bioload of your fish along with the tank possibly being uncycled/under filtered could cause water quality issues that are stressing your fish.
    If that is not the case maybe a tankmate is harassing it? Certain plecos are known to be territorial, and redear sliders will eat small fish and nip larger ones.
    Temperature might be an issue but if it isn't over 30 degrees Celsius/86 degrees Fahrenheit and you have good surface agitation I would not worry.

    EDIT: Hardy got there before me

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    Quote Originally Posted by jms86 View Post
    i know i eventually have to move them to a much bigger tank at least a 75g. but as for now i can't afford it.
    What is always recommended is to only purchase fish that are appropriate for the size tank you can afford NOW - not in the future - what if you are not able to upgrade when your fish outgrow your current tank? Some fish grow very quickly.

    Do you keep a thermometer in the tank so you know the actual temp?

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    thank you guys for all the input! i realized when the sun came up, his tail gained back some orange color, so i turned on the aquarium light (i have turned the light off for most of the day because i read somewhere online that keeping the light off could lower the stress level), and now almost 70% of his tail's got orange color now, but still not red like it was used to). the gentleman helped me at petco said my tank might be going through a mini cycle, i think it might be because i added gravel last week, idk... but i bought a ecobio block to help it cycle faster.

    my thermometer said it was 94 yesterday afternoon when it was the hottest, i am gonna get one more thermometer to check the temp to make sure..

    should i do another 20% water change today since i just did one yesterday? some online info said changing water could lower the temp and not shock the fish..

    i have a filter for 55g for my tank right now and a brand new fluval filter for 20-40g tank, should i add it in the tank also? or that isn't necessary... anything i can do to make his tail gain its bright red color back...

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