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    Default Stationary Cories

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    I got some 4 Julii cories a few days ago (among other fish) and today, since I got home a little bit ago, I noticed 2 of them are just sitting on the bottom in the same spot. One of them has moved a little bit, but he'll find a new spot and just sit there. The other one has been in the same spot at the back of the tank since I noticed. Should I be concerned about this? I've never owned cories before so I'm not familiar with their behavior. Water parameters are fine and the other 2 cories and other fish in the tank are acting fine. They were all active earlier when I fed them.

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    Sitting on the bottom for the majority of their time is precisely what cories do. Everything from their flat undersides to their lack of swim bladder indicates a benthic lifestyle. When introduced to a new tank some cories may swim around constantly before settling down. Is that what you consider "normal"?

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    I know they're bottom dwellers but they're usually pecking all around in the substrate, as 2 of them are doing right now. I haven't witnessed them sitting in one spot yet. It has only been a few days so maybe they are just now settling in. While staring in at them, one of the ones that isn't moving appears to be a false Julii while the other 3 are Julii's. They all school together when they're being really active, scaling the walls and whatnot.

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    I have no real expertise in cories but I do home 3 of them in my aquarium. Madagascariness is correct as I can tell. The cories sometimes flit around and play, but a lot of the time if you see them doing too much running around it is anxiety. I literally had a corie panic itself to death. It was sad. They are sort of lazy fish. Mine spend about equal parts of the day rooting around and sitting there doing nothing. Could be that they are sleeping. I catch my fish sleeping a lot when my feeding, lighting or other patterns change. It's kind of cool actually. Some days I work so late and so long that I feel like I should feed them when I get in at 2am and they will be awake late because I am, but if I have class in the morning they are still asleep and I will catch them sleeping really late in the day :) It's cracks me up to see my Fancy Goldfish sleeping because he's so big and its the only time you will just see him sitting on the bottom.

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    Keeping cories in groups that are not the proper size will cause them to behave differently due to stress. A larger group would make them feel more comfortable and secure. They also need an area in the tank where they can feel hidden if they feel stressed.

    Liters to Gallons conversion calculator

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    My corys are always sitting somewhere on my substrate when they aren't roaming around the bottom - sometimes they are more hidden - they choose all sorts of places to rest.

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    all of my sterbai just kinda rest together, but then will swim and play for awhile and then just go back to resting

    I agree that the larger the school the more they will stick together. Also, mine act so much different being in a tank to themselves then when they are with other fish

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hardy85 View Post

    I agree that the larger the school the more they will stick together. Also, mine act so much different being in a tank to themselves then when they are with other fish
    ooh, how are they when alone? Mine have never been in a tank by themselves. They do seem comfortable with my other fish though. They really only hide when I am in there digging around in the tank re-positioning plants and whatnot. Is this in reference to hiding more or do they do other things. I have heard people say their corys do some really strange things. Mine are full of energy and flit around the tank often, but I have never seen them do anything amazing.

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    I have 7 corydoras sp black venezuela in a 10 gallon qt and they are either all over the bottom of the tank flitting about or resting in small groups... pretty much the same as my false julii & peppered corys in my 45. The only difference I see is the qt has less hiding places so I have to be careful to not stress them when cleaning & doing pwcs

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