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    Default Would This Affect My Cycle?

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    I changed out the charcoal media in my Aquaclear Mini (20) about 3 weeks into the cycle for another foam filter. I'm not a newb to fish keeping as I'd had tanks before but just got back into the hobby and had forgotten that charcoal wasn't necessary so figured I'd just take that out. I now have 2 foam cartridges and a biomax cartridge. The biomax was always there, the order was foam, charcoal, biomax at the top.

    I didn't disturb the bottom foam, and just quickly removed the biomax and charcoal, put in the foam, then replaced the biomax on top and was done. Would that have affected my tank cycling? I've had super high nitrites still and I add the ammonia in the morning and this afternoon tested and had a small amount of ammonia reading...I also rearranged the rocks/plants today before I tested it.

    Gosh I'm hoping I didn't set myself back even longer
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    You're dong a fishless cycle, right? I think you should be okay. Is the biomax submerged? None of it should be sticking out of the water. I use the sponge that came with my AC110s and fill the rest of the basket with biomax in the mesh media bags.
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    I know carbon filters though unnecessary do hold BB so if you removed it completely you would have lost some... how much this would have effected your cycle i'm not sure... from the past I learned to do no cleaning during a cycle... maybe someone with more experience could chime in?

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    She's doing fishless because she is adding ammonia, I believe...I don't think you have seriously disturbed your cycle with the few changes you made, IMO...slowed it a bit?...maybe, but I'm betting not much

    Re-arranging rocks/plants while still in the water is fine, but I've learned if I take out a decent amount of deco and it dries before I put it back in the tank, then I lose some BB
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    As already stated, carbon should not effect your cycle very much if at all.

    Just don't change any filter media or clean anything else if you are doing a fishless cycle
    If you take your time to do the research FIRST, you can successfully set-up and keep ANY type of aquarium with ease.
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    Thanks a lot guys. I didn't think it should really affect it. Yes fishless cycle and yes Biomax is submerged. I haven't done any cleaning only removed the carbon and replaced it with foam. Perhaps I'll switch the biomax and 2nd foam piece at some point but I'll wait until it's more established.
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    Perhaps I'll switch the biomax and 2nd foam piece at some point but I'll wait until it's more established.
    Good plan...I like the "more established" part the best...
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