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Thread: Female bettas

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    Jul 2013

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    Default Female bettas

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    Hi! I am rather new to fish keeping, I currently have a 20 gallon community tank with 3 swordtails (1 male, 2 females), 8 neon tetras and 2 Corys (Corydoras agassizii). But I've fallen in love with bettas!!
    I have two empty 5 gallon tanks so i was wondering if I could have 1 female betta and 2 or 3 corys (not sure which kind) in one of them. Is that ok?
    Can I add more female bettas? Thanks

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    You could have a single betta of either sex in there, but I do not think that multiple bettas will work in a tank of that size. Maybe a few females will get along but it will still be cramped. I would not recommend cories for that tank. For one they are social and should be kept in groups of 6+ individuals, and that will require a tank a lot larger than 5 gallons.

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    Pygmy and dwarf cories stay under an inch. A female betta and six of either the pygmy or dwarf cories would work great.
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    6 corys of any type is way to many for a 5g. A 5g tank is the minimum size for 1 beta with nothing else. With something a bit bigger like a 10-20g you could have a few female bettas and some corys. Female betas do fine together as long as their all added at once.
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    I've always wanted to do a "sorority tank" as they're called, with multiple female bettas. I wouldn't recommend putting a betta and cory's in such a small tank. There wouldn't be anything wrong with having a female betta in that 5 gallon though. If you want your betta to have friends, you can pick up a couple ghost shrimp and put them in there with her. Depending on your betta, they may become food, but that is an option if you absolutely have to have something else in the tank with your betta.

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