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    Jul 2013

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    Default First goldfish always gaping mouth and swims to surface a lot??

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    I won a goldfish at a carnival last night, and since I have never had a fish I want to take care of this one! I took it home, but I had no fish tank/bowl, so I put it in a large glass bowl during the night and during the day while I was at work. After work I bought a 10 gallon tank, (I know 20 is recommended but I couldn't afford it), a filter, air stone, air pump, food, gravel and decorations, water "stabilizer" and water conditioner. The water stabilizer said it would essentially "cycle" the tank without the wait, and you just need to add some of it to the water everyday for a week. So I set up the tank and filter when I got home and added the correct mount of conditioner and stabilizer, and put the fish in. I could not have waited a week to add the fish, since I had no where else to put him. I also have an air stone and a filter. The filter is kind of like a waterfall. My question is this. My fish is fed, and the filter is disrupting the water surface, so he should be getting oxygen, but he is swimming around opening and closing his mouth constantly. What could be the source of this?? Also I forgot to buy a tester kit for chemicals in the water, so I have no way of knowing right now if anything is off in that manner. I really want this fish to live, and he wont stop gaping his mouth! and swimming to the surface? Could my water be too cold? It feels pretty cold, and I have no heater. Please help! :) Also my sister won a goldfish and just put him in the tank with mine. (Only for 2 days, when her friend is taking her fish). We put the fish in a bowl for a while with water conditioner to get it used to the water before adding it to the tank as well.

    Sorry for the long explanation

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    heres a squid for playing along - genocidex   


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    I think it depends on the goldfish you have. Some just exhibit that behavior. Usually, I've read, it means the water parameters are not ideal. Perhaps too much ammonia, nitrites, nitrates etc. I doubt your tank would have a nitrate problem since it isn't cycled so it's probably ammonia and nitrites which build up from fish waste and uneaten food etc. Make sure not to overfeed as the leftover food will pollute the water. IDK what the norm is for water changes of a tank that isn't cycled, but if it were mine, I'd probably do a 20% water change every day until the tank cycles. I'd go out and buy a test kit (liquid test kit is more accurate but also more expensive) so you can test for ammonia, nitrites, nitrates, pH, hardness, etc. You're shooting for (at the end of the cycle) 0 ammonia, 0 nitrites, and less than 15 ppm of nitrates. Ammonia and nitrites especially are toxic to fish so you have to keep the numbers low, but you still need to allow them to build some so your tank can cycle properly. It'll be some work, but you can do it, and its the best for your fish.

    Now I'll go into this, as I'm sure some people will say it, but a 10 gallon tank is too small for any type of goldfish. It'll be ok for him while he's small but you really should plan to upgrade as soon as you can, to at least a 25 gallon tank, just for the 1 goldfish.

    What temperature do you keep your house at during the day and at night? With no heater, this will be the temperature of your water. Goldfish are cold water fish so like 68-74 degrees fahrenheit is about where you want to be. Shoot for the middle.

    I'm drawing a blank now, but if I forgot to cover something I'm sure someone will speak up. Lots of good info here. Good luck!

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    Jul 2012
    greater vancouver

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    there are many different type of goldfish.
    almost all need a 70 gallon tank or more to live a full life.
    as stated before your tank isn't cycled.
    give the fish to someone with a proper tank for it or give it to your pet store for free or if they give store credit, take it.
    then read up on this
    do what it says until you are actully cycled then add appropriate sized fish for your tank such as a betta.
    and remember to buy an api master test kit. don't buy test strips
    i hear some people say, "i kept a goldfish in a bowl and it lived for a year."
    they don't know how lucky they were and all goldfish live at least 15 years in proper conditions.
    that is equal to saying my human lived in his closet for 5 years!

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    San Francisco Bay Area, CA

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    If you won it at the fair, then your goldfish is likely a common comet type goldfish. Those grow up to 14 inches total, and will grow the first 6-7 inches of that in the first year! He really needs a much, much bigger home than a 10 gallon tank provides. It's like keeping a puppy in a tiny closet!

    If you're determined to keep the fishie in the 10 gallon, be sure to get a liquid test kit that tests pH, ammonia, nitrite, and nitrate. The API Freshwater Master Kit is the easiest one to find. Be prepared to do daily water changes until the tank is cycled, sometimes more than once a day. Goldfish are big waste producers, so they foul up the water quickly, and the worst things in the water are chemicals you can't see with the naked eye. Read this post to learn how to cycle with a fish in the tank--it will take a while, much longer than without a fish because you can't let the ammonia and nitrite build up enough to be toxic for the fish.

    I agree with vafa, though. What would be easiest on everyone involved is for you to rehome the fish, do a fishless cycle with the tank using bottled additive-free ammonia, and then stock with with fish more appropriate to a 10 gallon tank. A school of microfish, or a betta would do wonderfully in it.
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    The carnival fish are comets that grow to one foot. No 10 gallon or 20 gallon is suitable for them. They are pond fish. Check size growth of goldfish in my signature.

    Do not confuse this fish with the smaller fancy types.

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