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    Default Other worms in my store bought live bloodworm

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    I know you guys are going to S#*t Storm me about why I shouldn't feed my fish live worms. I have never had a problem, but for those who for whatever reason have a thing for live foods - Have you ever seen a different worm type in the mix? I have never seen this before but I am concerned. Get ready to freak out people. Today I saw several flat worms sticking (suckling I believe) to the side of the tupperware I keep the worms in. They are semi clear with grey spotting pattern. They are flat as I stated but they stretch out longer and thinner when they want to like a slug. otherwise they are wider than the are long and have an unusual wave through the water from the end that is not suckered to the tupperware like a barnacle. When touched they curl up like bubble tape for those of you who have children or like a tape measure rolls up inside the housing for carpentry types. ?????? Anyone know what this is. I am concerned about the suckler part because this tells me it could be parasitic. Will these things sucker to my fish and disease them?

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    I suppose it's possible. If it were me, and I saw a suckling worm, I would kill it before I put it in the tank. This way your fish still get the nutrients and you don't have to worry about what it may do to your fish. How big are these worms?

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    The flat worms are about 1/2 - 1 cm long and width of about 4-6 bloodworm in width. I can see them plain as day in the worm tupperware because they like to stick to the sides as I said. clear grey color with dark spotted. weird. I want to at least remove them but the little buggers curl up like a rolie pollie potato bug when you touch them and they cling to the side of the bowl like barnacles otherwise.

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    Your description screams leech. The smaller species (like those in my pond) will roll up when threatened, and they also are grayish and possess suckers. The small ones are unlikely to harm your fish(not all leeches are bloodsuckers, most feed on detritus or invertebrates) but they are very unsightly and I would never risk introducing any to a tank.

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    eeew, thanks for your quick reply. I will have to make sure to get all those guys out.

    Thanks again

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    looks like it must be the ribbon leech. I found that these are freshwater often used as bait among anglers. They don't suck blood and shouldn't harm the fish but I am not taking any chances :/

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    Interesting. I wonder how they ended up at your LFS. Just squash those suckers, or something, kill them. They probably are still a good food source.

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    Haaa Ha Ha. I have to tell you this week has been so rough I honestly counted all of the times something made me laugh today. Yours was #4. Thanks. That was pretty funny and yet so honest. #3 was a fortune cookie that said "One day you will get the respect you deserve" WTF lol

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    Leech like more or less the same conditions as bloodworm so no big surprise to find a few. Bloodworm in itself is a pretty safe life food unlike tubifex.

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    I would disagree with feeding leeches though. I am pretty sure they are edible, but they are extremely tough and leathery
    and to eat a leech it requires a mouth size larger than you expect. how I know, well, been there done that...

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