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Thread: Oto Question

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    Default Oto Question

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    I'm reading that Oto's prefer a group. Right now I don't have the tank capacity to fit more than one small one. Does anyone have experience with keeping, say an Otocinclus vestitus alone? The other inhabitants of the tank are 1 Dwarf Gourami, 4 Julii Cory's, 4 Ghost Shrimp, and (soon) 12 Neocaridina Heteropoda wild shrimp (wild version of the Red Cherry Shrimp). Aqadvisor assures me with all of this, plus the Oto, I'll be at 95% stocked and 135% filtration capacity. I want to get something but (obviously) I haven't the room for a group of anything, so a small loner would be great. Any suggestions are welcome.

    Edit: I could perhaps get 2 Oto vestitus and push my tank to 99% capacity, and 125% filtration capacity. I don't want to get them if they aren't going to be comfortable in my tank though.
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    It's possbile but why do it if you can't keep them properly?

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    AqAdvisor is very conservative in its estimation. If you are confident that you are running a well maintained, well filtered, healthy tank, you should not feel too much concern at going over AqAdvisor's "100%". Far better to have a "120%" tank with a healthy school of otos than a "99%" tank and an unhealthy school.

    Otos are sensitive fish though, so make sure you've done your research and have a good environment for them either way.
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    IMO a 90% stocked happy tank is better still.

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    Ahh ok. I can safely get a group of 6 Otocinclus Vestitus then. I'm prepared to feed them fresh veggies and whatnot. Initially (first 2-3 days) I think they'll do well feeding on the abundance of algae in there. Hopefully one of my LFS's sells this variant of Oto, if not I may have to find them online, which might not be a good option if they're as delicate as you say.

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    Alright so I ran out to my LFS to see what they had and I came back with 3 Otoclinsus Vittatus variety. I'm confident in my filtration and healthiness of the tank so it should be good. I'm all stocked up after this though. Hopefully these little guys keep the algae down in my tank.

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    Quote Originally Posted by lbagby View Post
    . Hopefully these little guys keep the algae down in my tank.
    That's your job, not theirs. Adding 3 fish isn't going to help much.

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    In my humble opinion having 3 otos will help. You also have to do your part as well. ;)
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    Then I think we'd better agree to disagree.

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    Yea my ottos were neat but they never really did much for the algae. Also, don't get discouraged or freaked out if you lose some, ottos are absolutely famous for randomly dying in the first week. It's because they are all wild caught and mass shipped here from SA. I personally had 3 out of every 4 ottos die on me in the first month, and this was in water I was keeping wild caught apistogramma in. But the ones that survived were healthy forever.
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