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  1. Default Ok new to Fresh Water Planted tanks... I made a few mistakes.. How do I fix them....

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    I have a 37 Gallon planted tank.... Its been cycled I am running good on my test except 1 test. PH... My PH is running at or slightly above 8.0 Ammon.. 0 all nitraits are 0 (Tap water is 7.2)
    I have 3 small angel fish, 3 White clouds, 3 Ottos, 3 zebra my stock of fish all seem fine in my tank except the Ottos they are acting a little shy and not very active. One is actually very inactive.
    Plants are doing good I have one plant that is growing an inch a day.... There is a small outbreak of brown algae nothing big at all... So I think I have decent balance at the moment.... I do 2 water changes a week... about 8 gallons each time.... I am using root tabs and I do under dosing of Flurish and excel....

    My goal is for this thank is to maintain 3 Angel fish or drop down to 2, 3 White Clouds maybe increase them 5 or 6, remove the 3 zebras, 3 Ottos, and maybe put in a Blue Ram or two....

    I bought this tank about a month ago it was an old ciclhid tank. Eclipse tank with the filter in the hood. I replaced the hood with 2 T5 HO lights and supplimental LED strip. I have two Aqua Clear 30-50 Filters on the back for a total of 400 gph.....
    The tank came with cichlid sand (Black) which i really liked... I had some black eco planted substrate and regular black sand I thought it would be fine to mix it in the new tank.... ( I know now this is affecting my PH) (MISTAKE)

    I could redo the substrate...however Im worried about the shock of the change to my fish... I could dirt the tank with sand on top.... I really do now know what to do.... the PH is scaring me a little... Will this PH eventually kill my fish and my plants? P

    I do have an old 20 gallon tank.... no setup or anything....not cycled, I am also going on a vacation in 1.5 weeks.... What should I do?

  2. Default

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    few ideas

    Driftwood, alder cones, and indian almond leaves will all lower your pH, but i think the major issue is the cichlid sand, a substrate swap isn't hard....

    Just move your filters over to the 20g, fill the 20g halfway with new dechlorinated water and half with old tank water. move the fish over, change substrate and put fish back in the 37 when you are done...

    Other concerns:

    1. Try feeding your otos zucchini, if there isn't enough green algae for them they can starve
    2. Are you positive you are cycled, lots of times with new tanks (when you see brown algae or diatoms) and no nitrates it means it is uncycled
    3. I believe white clouds are cold water fish

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    Angelfish are SA cichlids that w0uld pr0bably d0 much better in s0ft acidic water (mid t0 higher 6's f0r pH) and if they get big might eventually l00k at nibbling 0n little guys if they can catch them. Fr0m what I've gathered white cl0uds live in c00ler streams and w0uld d0 better in l0wer temps than angels w0uld prefer- but i c0uld be 0ff 0n that (if I'm wr0ng I ap0l0gize in advance, but HB 0r TD with gladly pelt me with much deserved t0mat0es as pennance, l0l).
    When in d0ubt read it until it makes sense, then read it again!

  4. Default

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    White clouds are cold water fish that is another mistake then lol... I'm current running a temp of about 77 to 78....
    Would you recomend dirting a tank?

    Do you think 8.0 is to high?

    Here are a few pics of my setup ....IMG_20130711_115230_084.jpgIMG_20130711_115248_541.jpg

  5. Default

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    The Angels, Ottos and my plants is more what I'm concerned about actually.... The others are not much concern I can move them to my sons smaller tank which is currently a cherry shrimp colony...

  6. #6


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    just a quick l00k at wikkipedia states:
    White Clouds are generally peaceful and happy to coexist with other fish, as long as they are not put in a tank with larger fish that may eat them. The minnows are usually top or middle-level swimmers and rarely swim close to the bottom of a tank.
    Although the nominal temperature range for the species in the wild is 1826 C (6479 F), it can survive water temperatures down to 5C (41F).[5] This makes it an ideal fish for keeping in an unheated aquarium in cold climates. In fact, White Clouds are more active and healthier when kept at temperatures lower than those at which most tropical tanks are kept. Water hardness (dH) should be from 5 to 19, and pH levels should range between 6.0 and 8.0. Also, the aquarium should have a top. White Clouds have been known to jump out on rare occasions.
    ...D0n't kn0w if that helps.... I certainly feel better ab0ut n0t being pelted,
    When in d0ubt read it until it makes sense, then read it again!

  7. Default

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    Ok, switch the substrait and made a dirt tank. 1 inch of potting soil with 1.5 to 2 inches of Black Diamond sand.... Substrate is about 3.5 inches thick... PH is down to 7.4 on the high PH test and 7.6 on the low PH test lol.... so I guess Im around a 7.5... but I have around 40% of my old 8.0-8.2 water in my new tank... Retested my tap after letting it sit and its actually not 7.2 its 7.0 ..... So with the water changes that I will be doing this week it should drop down to close to 7.0 ..... I took my time switch the substrate so the fish would get less of PH shock.... this was done over 6 hours ......

  8. Default

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    be very careful having the dirt in the tank with fish, many times you will get ammonia spikes because of it, and you also need to watch for bubbles under the sand...

    As much as I'd love to go dirt eventually it does have its risk, so just be aware of them and monitor the tank closely for the next few weeks

  9. Default

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    Update :

    PH is now around 7.2 to 7.4 I think that will slowly drop to around 6.8 to 7.0 or close to my tap this week...... Amon is 0 Nitrite is 0 Nitrate is running around 5-10 atm .... On the original post I posted that it was zero by mistake.... I am running some media that is 2 years old in one of my filters Aquaclear bio mass... I also have another bag that has been running for about 4 weeks... The other filter is new...and has only been running a week.....

    I my tank did suffer a PH swing that was pretty bad from a 8.2 to 7.2ish ... over an 8 to 10 hour period...... I lost two ottos who were not doing well in the high PH in the first place.... The other fish are doing fine... Angels have been troopers.... I do expect the PH to continue to drop to 7.0 or maybe crawl into the 6.8 range with the driftwood/ and because of the potting soil under about 1.5 inches of sand ...

    My plan is to do 20% water changes daily for 3 days. Then another 40% change on 6th.... Then I'm going to be gone for 6 days so I hope the tank will be fine until then I will do a 40% change at that time...

  10. Default

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    So my game plan is water changes and more water changes and monitoring the (Amon) levels for the next week... Im going to try to get a freind to come at least 1 day while I'm gone to do a water change and feed them a few times... I'm going to cut back on food since I will not be here....

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