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  1. Default Help me work this out? (New tank comes with fish)

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    So, I found a deal on craigslist for a 55 gallon planted tank, and I'm excited about it, as some of the components alone are easily worth more than the guy is asking, not even counting the tank, stands, fish, and plants. However, it comes with strings (ie. fish) in that it's already populated with 9 danios (6 zebra and 3 glofish), 2 black mollies (1 male, 1 female), 2 red wag platys (1 female, 1 offspring), and 4 nerite snails. I want the tank for a river tank setup, so I'll eventually need to figure out what to do with the existing fish (the danios would probably be fine).

    Here's what I have right now:

    60 gallon (48") "coldwater" tank with 5 dojo loaches and 9 white cloud minnows, with some plants
    55 gallon with 8 zebra loaches and 7 Odessa barbs, lightly planted but will be getting many of the new plants
    10 gallon with a bunch of plants and a couple snails

    a 25 gallon and a 30 gallon that aren't set up (and I don't particularly want to set them up but will if I need to).

    I can move the white clouds to the river tank and put the danios in the dojo tank, or I can just leave the danios in the river tank. They can't go in the zebra loach tank because my zebra loaches are "playful." (ie. they have a thirst for the eyes of lesser fish)

    The platys and mollies are my bigger issue. I don't think they can hold their own with the zebra loach tank (am I wrong about this? Danios can't, which I know from experience, so I'm guessing mollies can't, but I've honestly never kept them.), or the river tank, so my options are to put them in the 10 (which seems too small to me) or to put them in the 60g (aqadvisor says they can take the temperature, but do they want salt? Because I can't do that with the dojos.).

    Any thoughts? If I really can't make it work, my sister has a tank of mollies and could probably take them off my hands, but she lives a few hours away, so I'd rather make it work myself.

  2. Default

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    I'd say take them to a local fish store, post on craigslist or hang onto them until you have everything you need for the river tank set up and ready to go

  3. Default

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    You're probably right. I'm definitely going to start with it set up as-is for now, partially because that's too much fiddling for a just-moved tank and partially because I've never used CO2 before and I want to see how it goes. It won't be long until I can get the river tank set up. Part of the appeal of this setup is that it comes with extra power heads such that I barely need to buy anything for the river tank; I just need to finish constructing the pipe work.

    I do hate to get rid of the dude's fish, though. He seemed unhappy about getting rid of the tank and relieved that another hobbyist called about it.

    Are there any you think I should prioritize keeping that will go better with my setup?

  4. Default

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    So, we picked up the tank last night and the haul surpassed my expectations. In addition to the stuff the guy had listed on Craigslist, there are two power heads, an extra, untouched Magnum 350 canister, 2 HOB filters, a nice gravel vac (both a regular one and an electric one), a ton of testing chemicals/food/plant nutrients, and a bunch of other miscellaneous supplies. The two canisters and the light alone are worth what the guy wanted, not counting the tank, two stands, or any of the other stuff, including the giant bag of plants that he'd nicely sorted out and put together for us when he took down the tank.

    The fish are what he said with the exception of the glofish, which aren't glofish but dyed tetras. I have no idea what to do about that.

    Also, I had a 30g that was sitting with just a couple of plants in it (or so I thought), and when I tore it down I found a lone kuhli loach that had been missing for literally years and that I thought was long-deceased. Because of his apparent immortality, my husband wants to set something up for him (with friends) so I have to figure that out, too.

    The mollies are really nice-looking, but I have done the livebearer thing and have no interest in revisiting it. I still need a plan, but if I set up a kuhli tank I may have more options for the livestock I got with the setup.

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    Wow - what bonuses huh? When people need to get rid of stuff they get rid of stuff Congrats on your new stuff!

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    Sounds cool. I am sure when time comes and you have scaped your new tank, you could simply ask the fish store you are buying from to take the things you dont want in on trade?

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    Nice score.
    If you like the mollies keep them and plan on the other fish eating the fry:o)
    30 g FW planted:corys, female ABNP, blue angel, harleys, zebra danios, rummies,
    15 g FW planted:2 male guppies, neons, pygmy corys, clown pleco, 4 types of shrimp, assassin snails
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    fishless cycling:
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