Hello, my name is Logan. I'm new here but I'm a veteran to fish keeping. Well as much of a veteran as a 20 year old can be haha. Right now my collection is pretty light. I've got a 10 gallon with 1 small gold fish, 1 Blue Gill minnow that'll be on the way out when he grows a little bit (just a pet project) and 4 ghost shrimp. Also I just rescued a baby betta and put him in a 2.5 gallon tank I had with 1 ghost shrimp.

If any family or friends need equipment or advice fish related they come to me. At one time I had a 28 gallon tank stocked with tropicals, a 10 gallon stocked with a few tropicals, another 10 gallon with 2 breeding pairs of Killifish (yes I bred them and I was maybe 13-14 years old), 5 gallon fry tank for the killifish, and three 2.5-3 gallon tanks with a betta in each. All but the 28 gallon were in my childhood bedroom haha. Well being a teenager, life got in the way and I slowly lost interest and eventually the fish all either died or were given away. Recently I've gotten the itch to revisit my hobby so I went out and bought the 5 ghosties I have, and then a few days later the betta. As the months go on, I'm sure I'll keep setting up new tanks and acquiring new fish. Anyways I had been researching different types of shrimp and betta info and this site was very helpful so I thought I'd jump into the forums and ask a few questions, perhaps shed some knowledge on some newbies.

Before anyone scolds me for my 10 gallon with a gold fish, I get it, gold fish are supposed to have a minimum of...I think I read 25 gallons per fish. When I got the goldfish, I was in another house that didn't have a lot of room so the 10 gallon was all I had room for, and I had little to no experience with goldfish, as I had always dealt with tropicals, so that was the result. Luckily fish don't outgrow their space so he has stayed small (stunted I know) but he's healthy and happy.

Any questions or advice are welcome. I'm happy to be here and I hope to be an active participant in the little community you've got going here.