Hey im totaly in love with oscars but have never been able to have a tank big enough for one. But now i plan on making that a reality and i need some help.

In sweden they don't recomend a lone oscar in a tank smaller then 145 gallon but i think that gives room for a few tankmates insted of a lone fish in a tank that size.

I want to get a tank where i can house atleast 1 oscar with several tank mates not like 1 oscar 1 JD 1 severum and that it's done.

Right now i can't have a tank bigger then 141 gallon and then i have to sell my other 2 tanks and thats not an option so the tank has to wait until i get a bigger apartment. but im asking this this early so i have plenty of time doing research about other fish you recomend to house with an oscar.

the 141 gallon tank have a foot print of 59.1"x23.6"

I plan to use 1 fluval fx6 canister for the tank since bigger is better when it comes to oscars.

What would you stock the 141 gallon tank with including oscars?

What tank size would you get for several fish with an oscar? that don't need more filtration then a fluval fx6?