Hey guys.
I am planning a 520US gallon predatory fish tank. I am planning on putting in a ornate bichir and a black ghost knifefish and then maybe add a few more fish if the tank is looking empty. Would the two be aggressive to each other. I am pretty sure they require the same contortions so I think I would be good on that front. Another thing I heard bichirs need a sandy substrate so they don't get hurt. Is this true. I would also like to put in a few plants to create a natural look. I was thinking about putting an elephant nose fish and an African butterflyfish but I'm worried they might get eaten by the burchir. At help and advice would be greatly appreciated. Also what should I feed. I was thinking ghost shrimp and feeder platys that I would raise myself in a 50 gal and a few feeder worms you would normally feed to snakes and scorpions. Would my idea work?