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  1. Default Driftwood problems

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    I'm a noob and currently cycling a new tank. While doing so I am also preparing a couple pieces of Mopani driftwood that I bought at my LFS. For over a week I have boiled it and let it soak in a bucket of treated water. I have noticed small soft pieces of wood on the surface and removed them, I also have been digging a bunch out of all the nooks and crannies. I have noticed in the last couple of days when I go to change the water that there is a bit of a rotten egg smell to the water. I have gone back and researched the process to be sure I'm doing everything correctly to find that the wood should be completely covered while soaking. In the bucket I have been using there has always been a small bit poking out so I think this may be my problem, but I'm not sure where to go from here.

    Can I just start soaking it in a larger container completely covered?
    Should I pour boiling water over it first?
    Should I try to dry it back out in the oven and start again?

  2. Default

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    I'd just keep soaking it and try to get the entire piece covered. You're trying to water log it so it will sink and not float.
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    You said you treated it in a bucket of treated water. I know when I use Prime to treat water it has the sulphur smell. Are you using Prime as a water conditioner? I usually boil my driftwood, soak it in a bucket of treated water for about a week changing the water to draw out the tanis, them putting it into the tank. Its ok to have it in the tank during a cycle. You just may have to take it out and scrub it if the white fluffy stuff gets out of hand.
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  4. Default

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    Thanks for the responses! I was worried I let something unwanted grow that was making the water smell- didn't want this to carry over to the tank! They do seem pretty water logged, no problems with floating, just hoping to get out some of the tannins before they go in the tank.

    While I will normally be using Prime as my water conditioner, I have been using the last of the conditioner I got with the tank- Nutrafin Aqua Plus. Perhaps it is also giving me the sulphur smell that you have experienced Strider199.

    I think I'll pour some boiling water over them and let them soak fully cover overnight and see where we are tomorrow. I'm excited to get them in the tank and start planting around them!

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    Are the small soft pcs just a few pcs of loose bark ?

    If you try to put a mark in the wood (not the bark) with your finger nail, can you leave a mark in the wood ?
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  6. Default

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    Your smelling the water conditioner. I had to condition the crap out of some rock I bleached and know the smell well. There could also be some bacteria growing on the wood which is completely normal. I think youd be safe to use it, if you get allot of white stuff growing on the wood just throw a BN in and watch him have the time of his life
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    Are you sure the wood is mopani? I have never had mopani that had loose pieces coming off or any soft spots, even after boiling. It sounds more like grapewood to me. Grapewood is much softer.

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    I'm not 100% on the wood type. I dug through a lot of bins at the LFS, could have mixed up the names. Looking at some pictures I would say it's possible, they look similar.

    The softer bits I removed were indistinguishable from the rest when it was dry, at least to my inexperience inspection. After a couple boiling sessions and letting them soak a few days I noticed small slightly lighter spots. They easily lifted away from the rest of the wood, which is much harder. It was mostly located in the little divots in the wood and the inside of bends. One of the pieces completely wraps over on to itself and I got a bunch out of there. I assume this was bark or some outer layer of wood that was not initially cleaned prior to being sold. I figured removing it before it decayed in the tank would be the way to go. And it actually defined the wood, the part that wraps over was blocked and now its a tiny tunnel. I was at first worried that the whole thing was decaying but the wood itself is hard- poking a finger nail in it does not leave a mark.

    I'll try to post a pic later, hoping to get them in the tank today!

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    Please post before you put it in! I've heard grapewood does not make for a happy tank.
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  10. Default

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    Heres a few photos of the two. The "branchier" one with the small opening in the middle was the one that I cleared out.




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