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  1. Default 20 Gallon Aquarium Fish Help Wanted

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    Hi, I am a junior in high school and I recently decided to get an aquarium again( I had one when I was in 7-8th grade) I am using the same tank, filter, heater, rock and decorations; I just wanted a little input on what fish to use. I kinda want a tropical/colorful tank but prefer not to have tetras or guppies because that is what I had before. I was thinking maybe two fish to 'run the tank' and maybe another school of small fish and several cories. Any input will help me, Thanks!

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    You could do a smaller school of cherry barbs (I say small because they don't stay tiny) and a group of cories for the bottom - or other people might recommend other types of "non tetras" - don't forget, there are many types of tetras, each with their own coloring - I don't know what you owned before.

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    Do you think I could get two gouramis?

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    I would say no to two gouramis as I assume your talking about the popular Dwarf, because they usualy end up with the dominate killing the weaker one. All the other's would grow to big for a 20 gal.

    You could try 2 honey gouramis, they are more peaceful than the Dwarf and stay small.

    They and a school of tetras like; Lemon, Bloodfin, Flame (von rio), or Rosy would work, if you want something besides neons.

    The 20's a little small to keep the larger Cory's but you could keep one of the dwarf species.
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    What about one dwarf gourami, several cherry barbs and a couple corys?

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    Welcome! Cory's really need to be in a school of at least 6 - a school of the dwarf Cory's would be really nice.
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    An example of them would be "peppered"/"spotted" or "albinos" - they are very cute and stay small.

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    you've gotten some great advice. I love all the options you've been given.
    another thought would be to go with a flashy betta of some type - crown tails come to mind - and add some neons to compliment the betta's coloring.
    Or you could have a betta and a school or cory's too.
    Harlequin rasboras would also be a good choice for a 20 gallon.
    Have fun deciding and be sure to show us some photos :o)
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    Quote Originally Posted by imma24 View Post
    An example of them would be "peppered"/"spotted" or "albinos" - they are very cute and stay small.
    AFAIK albino are bred from the bronze cory and those do not stay small.

    There's c. pygmaeus, c. hastatus and c. habrosus that are true dwarf species. Plants, sand and a group of 8 as well as some dither fish are what they need to do well. Give them soft water and keep the temp below 24c and you got a good chance they'll breed.

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    Harlequin rasboras are fun to look at in my opinion or maybe a set of ram cichlids to brighten up the tank a bit.

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