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    I did not have a clue what was happening in that 3rd pic...but neat to see...thanks for sharing...I've never had spiders as pets, but they are very neat creatures...if we find one in the house, I capture it and release it outside instead of killing it...
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    Thanks everyone, sorry for the late response but my internet was out for a while.
    As Sandz already told you it was her molt in the last picture, which was the reason she hadn't eaten for two weeks.
    Quote Originally Posted by Honey Badger 1 View Post
    As a child we had a Brachypelma smithi (Mexican red knee) and my daughter currently has a Avicularia avicularia (Pink toe).
    I love Red knees you need a CITES for those bad boys right, and Pink toes are really one of my favourite bird eaters they come just after my favourite (Poecilotheria metallica).

    I mean come on, how can you not love these colours;

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    I love that spider! A few years ago when my 75g sprung a leak I was toying with the idea of making several compartments in it for tarantulas, that was one I wanted, a couple others were a Chilean Rose Hair and a Cobalt Blue. When I had my Red Knee you didn't need a CITES, it was in the 1970's. Between then and now the rules have changed, they were illegal for a while. I think I have heard mention of needing a CITES now.
    When I go fishing I just throw sharp rocks in the water and wait for the dead fish to float to the top... Kingfisher
    Everything happens for a reason. Sometimes that reason is you are stupid and make bad decisions.

    I think my fish is adjusting well to the four gallon, He's laying on his side attempting to go to sleep on the bottom of the gravel.
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    Very nice! I'm glad you rescued her and fattened her up successfully!

    I also have a Lasiodora (and 3 others)...but mine is still quite small. Mine however, is not very friendly. Hence it's name: ALT (short for Angry Little Tarantula)...although that might have to change as it
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    Quote Originally Posted by 1Sarah View Post
    It's great that you're taking such good care of her, and what a difference in her size! I also had no idea why she wasn't eating until I read down the thread and saw about molting...NOT a spider person here. Have to say, I'm glad she's yours...and contained.
    AGREED.....the 0nly 2 things that make me twitch in the w0rld are spiders and r0aches. but hey, m0re p0wer t0 ya friend, l0l!!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Rue View Post
    Mine however, is not very friendly.
    I've heard multiple people saying that their Lasiodora was aggressive or skittish, i mean mine can also be skittish from time to time but she never threw up her front legs at me or threw hairs at me which i am happy with because her teeth could do some serious damage.

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    That is an awesome T. congratulations on a great find. Ijust wish I was that lucky. I have a Chilean Rose that I got about 7 years ago . Easiest pet anyone could keep . good luck and keep us informed on her health .
    ask ?'s and change some water pair of JD's and loving it.

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    No T.'s in this thread, she is doing fine and this morning i noticed that she had spun a huge amount of webs which she usually doesn't do, even at the top of the tank!
    Scary to know she went all the way up that by climbing the glass walls, who knows what would've happened if she fell i mean it's not that high but it doesn't take much to burst an abdomen..
    I have no clue how old she is but i think she's about 10 so i'm hoping to have atleast 20 years of joy with her.
    Does any of you spider keepers have experience with keeping isopods in their tanks, i heard that they eat alot of the food leftovers and even molt though i remove the molt as soon as i see it.
    Last edited by Float-Goat; 07-12-2013 at 11:27 AM.

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    IME leftovers should be taken out . They can attract gnats which isn't what we want in the tank with our spiders.

    i really don't think they would eat the molt .It wouldn't have any nutritional value to it, but it may attract gnats.
    ask ?'s and change some water pair of JD's and loving it.

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