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    Default New Pearl Gouramis

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    Hello all,
    So, today i bought 2 pearl gouramis. The shop owner, who set up the australian parliament aquarium in Canberra said that they are two males and that they are peaceful. I introduced them to the tank about 4 hours ago and since then, at least one of them has been chasing my neon tetras and some of my smaller guppies. Also one of them has been moving actively, but has about 2 minutes every so often (not sure, have only seen him do this twice) when he just sits just under the surface and starts gulping down air. Is this normal behaviour?

    Also can someone tell me what they think of the Pearl Gourami and what they eat?

    Any answers would be appreciated

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    Pearl gouramis are generally regarded as one of the more relaxed gourami species, but with that said gouramis in general have a bit of a mean streak, especially towards each other. I have two females in my 75 gallon tank, and they push each other around or chase the other fish now and then - and females are supposed to be more docile than males. What size is your tank? You mentioned having a 35 gallon tank in another thread. 2 male pearl gouramis in a 35 gallon tank is going to be trouble, I think.

    Gouramis have labyrinth organs like bettas, which means that they can take in oxygen from air at the surface, so the behavior you're witnessing doesn't sound unusual to me.

    They shouldn't require a special diet. Assuming you have some sort of flake or pellet for your other fish the gouramis will eat that too.
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    It's normal for gouramis to gulp down air at the surface. Just make sure it isn't looking sick or anything.
    Neon tetras with these should be fine, but guppies are probably a risk. Add more hiding spots or plant your tank if it isn't already so that the gourami can establish a territory and the other fish can take cover of necessary.

    By the way, how big is your tank(dimensions)?
    Anything 36"l by 12"w or more should be fine. If its a 20 gallon, I wouldn't reccomend 2 of them, 1 is still pushing it.

    Please give the full stoking of your tank in addition.

    Good luck!

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