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    Default Free fish and a disaster

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    So, today I went over to a guy from my local club's house to pick up 8 Kuhli loaches he was selling as he was shutting down his tanks (bringing my Kuhli loach "collection" to 14).

    Long story short, I ended up coming home with a lot more than 8 Kuhlis. For free, I recieved --
    - 3 Angelicus/Polka-dot Loaches
    - 1 Zebra/Striata Loach
    - 1 Yoyo Loach
    - 2 baby albino Bristlenosed Ancistrus
    - 2 Whiptails (supposedly a mated pair but I'm dubious).

    I was tremendously excited at my haul, ESPECIALLY considering my next project is a South-East Asain Loach tank and Yoyos, Polka-Dots and Zebras are all on my list but I was a little disheartened when I got the fish home and began acclimating them that they didn't look particularly healthy. The 8 Kuhlis all look a little on the skinny side -- although not terrible they could use some fattening up. While one of the 3 Polka-Dots was fat and healthy, the other two looked VERY emaciated and ill. I put these in a separate quarantine tank. Unfortunately, as I wasn't aware I was getting this many fish I didn't have more than 1 5g quarantine ready. The other fish all looked pretty healthy so I went ahead and thew them in their corresponding tanks. Not ideal, but the Polka dots were in more need of quarantine than the others. He had mentioned that he used to have more Polka-dots but they had died off and I didn't take much notice of the remark until I got home and saw the emaciated state they were in.

    While the Zebra, the Kuhlis, the whiptails and ancistrus all went into my 65g community, the Yoyo I threw into my 120g where I already have 6 Yoyo Loaches. I was quite pleased, as I imagined this poor wee fellow would be happy to finally have a school of his own. Not so. Although the new addition is a hefty 4" and my original yoyos are all 3" or less, when I returned an hour or so after throwing him in I found him beaten and MISSING AN EYE, cowering in the corner jammed under a rock while my original 6 loaches danced happily up and down the glass, evidently quite pleased with their handiwork. I feel just awful. I had simply NOT considered the possibility that they would not accept him into their little clique, and now the poor guy has lost an eye and it's my fault.

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    Im sorry to hear that!!! You have had some trials recently. Just as a precaution, a 5gal qt would be ok for a few days with 2x daily water changes. Though you trust where they come from, I would have done a full specrum med on the group before putting them in the tanks as a precaution.

    Also with loaches, what might help in the future was to pull them all out of the tank, put the group in the 5gal qt and then put all in the big tank 20min later with a little change of decor. It helps with cichlids (though I have never seen a loach do this!).
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    Fortunately the only other thing I have in the tank they went into atm is neon tetras so there's nothing valuable they can pass diseases onto and kill, so to speak...

    Thanks for the tip about the 5g -- I know I need to get a bigger quarantine tank.

    Sandz if I had known the loaches were going to react this way I would have done just that!! I use the same technique with my cichlids when adding a new individual. I just DID NOT anticipate the aggression though. :( Poor fella. Last I checked before lights-out he was sitting on a log with 2 of the other loaches so it looks like his "initiation" is over... Too bad it had to cost him an eye. There's a display tank at my LFS that used to have 2 BIG yoyos in it and one of them only had one eye, so I'm guessing it's a pretty common injury for them. I still feel awful but I'm sure he'll cope.

    Thanks Sandz. Yeah I've had a bit of a turbulent few weeks with my fishkeeping! On the plus side -- I messaged the guy about the missing N. anomala (mentioned in my other thread) and he said not to worry, he once threw out his best breeding female in a chunk of driftwood. He said he will try and find me another male -- here's hoping he does, AND she decides to pair up again... AND I DID get a heap of free fish today... It's not all bad.

    Btw -- following your 40 tanks journal. I am green with envy!!

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    Hey, all fishes are valuable :-P... I would have been scared with the neons because of how not hardy they are... but I really REALLY hope this all clears up for you. The eye issue is kind of the first way most fish go. I made a mistake of putting 10 juvi's convicts in a 10gal for a night (they were suffering ammonia poisoning from a fish auction so I rushed them into the fastest water I could) and the next morning I had 2 mated pairs and 6 eyeless convicts. Amazingly 2 were still swimming. They only lived another week and that was freaky! Im sure the loach will adapt though.

    This hobby is a constant challange and you are a good keeper! It will turn around. Mistakes make us stronger. You got a great deal and I hope you breed those guys! Glad you follow the journal. Feel free to join the flake squad and chime in with us! Im still creating my list of breeding 'wants'.
    FW: 1 45gal, 1 40gal, 3 10gal, 3 30gal all community tanks of different species
    Sw: 1 55gal, 1 30gal show, 1 29gal show, 1 20gal and 2 10's

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    Oh dear, poor loach! If it's any consolation I would have done the same thing as you and not assumed a larger single fish wouldn't be accepted.
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    congrats on the free fish and so sorry about the loach. don't beat yourself up. there's no way you could have anticipated that outcome. I'm sure he'll be fine.
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    Quote Originally Posted by fishmommie View Post
    congrats on the free fish and so sorry about the loach. don't beat yourself up. there's no way you could have anticipated that outcome. I'm sure he'll be fine.
    +1 to that...there's no way you could have known the other loaches would react that way, you did nothing wrong from what i see
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    I'm sorry about your loach. My striatas have done that to other fish before but never to their own species, so I wouldn't have anticipated it either. I hope the fish recovers and you don't have further incidents!

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