I got a 200 litre tank with quite some fish in it and recently i discovered that my fish were starting to have white spot so i decided to treat it and it was succesful, however two weeks later it came back and some of my fish also started to show signs of finrot.
About five days ago my fish started showing signs of white spot again and i immediately started treating it and to make it worse they also started having finrot so i found another medicine that was compitable with the medicine i used for treating the white spot.
It's been five days since i first started treating the white spot but it doesn't seem to go away and i was wondering if this is normal since i don't know how long it approx. takes for white spot to heal.
The fish that are suffering most are my neon tetras and pencilfish but since yesterday my ram cichlids also started showing signs of white spot but my corys, harlequin barbs and other fish don't show any signs of illness.
Am i over exaggerating or do i need to take further action, if so what should i do?
One of my ram cichlids also started to have a blood coloured "stain" just behind the gills and i can't seem to find anything about what it could be.
And another thing that might be worth saying is that none of my fish are showing any signs of stress and the temperature is usually around 25-26 degrees celcius and my filter is turned off because of the activated carbon it has inside it, should i remove the carbon and turn the filter back on?

Thanks in advance.