I got a rabbit snail just over a month ago at my LFS, and it's been doing great in my tank. A few days ago, I noticed the tip of his shell appeared to be broken off but he seemed unbothered so I didn't worry about it. Tonight, as my boyfriend and I were testing my water, we noticed the broken off bit had moved, and upon closer inspection, we found it to be a baby rabbit snail! I know the eggs hatch pretty quickly once they're laid, but I'm curious how long the gestation period is (that might not be the right terminology for an invertebrate haha)? She must have been pregnant (again, probably not the right word, but you get the point) when I got her. I haven't had much luck finding information about rabbit snail reproduction. When they have a baby, does their shell just break off at the tip to give the baby a shell? I read they reproduce every 2-4 weeks, so they must be able to regenerate their shells quickly.

I'm so excited about this adorable tiny snail! Any information about rabbit snail breeding would be much appreciated :)