Hello everyone , I'm sure someone can help me so here goes.....75 gallon tank ph 7.4-7.8 , amm. 0 , trIte 0 , trAte 0 from what I can tell by color chart it may be a bit above 0 but not much.Gravel substrate.
no plants . Temp. constantly 77 .Weekly vaccum and WC roughly 25%.Filter media rinse once a month.Big rocks forming a cave . My problem is that the male JD seems to chase the female away from any food that I give them . She does get to eat but I feel like she may not be getting enough . They have been together for 4 years now and this chasing away just recently started . I feed them tetramin flakes ,Omega One cichlid pellets , earthworms , and crickets . I know he is eating well and she must be getting enough to sustain her but I would feel better if she got to eat more. I don't know if this is a problem or not so would someone tell me if i need to worry about it.Thanks and have a safe holiday . All responses will be greatly appreciated.