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Thread: LOST a fish! :(

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    Default LOST a fish! :(

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    Can't believe it, I actually LOST one of my fish. My beautiful male Nannacara anomala is nowhere to be found. Did an aquascape change on my tank and he was in there at the start, not there at the end. I've checked around the tank and can't find any signs of a jumper, siphon is too narrow for him to go up there, and there is nowhere else he could be hiding. Went through the trash and checked he wasn't stuck to any of the plants I threw out -- no sign of him. I just don't get it, he's not a tiny fish. If he had died I'm sure I would have seen him.

    So gutted.

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    As someone with over 1,000 posts I'm sure you are aware that once a fish dies the other fish eat it. It's not uncommon to not find a trace of them. Unless you find them in the first day or so it's unlikely to find anything more than a skeleton. Was it old? Was it acting oddly? Those are the questions you should be asking. And I hate to end on an ambiguous note, but sometimes you never fully understand why a fish dies.

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    So Sorry! I remember you mentioning that they were so rare in new zealand!
    i am not sure what is in the tank, but could he have gotten trapped in or under some ornament while it was being rearranged?

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    He appeared perfectly healthy -- was always very shy though. It was less than a day. He was there before I moved things around and gone after. I doubt a school of neons could devour a whole fish in 4 hours, lest of all when they are swimming around trying to avoid giant hands moving their plants around.

    Madagascar yes, it was one of only 3 pairs. I am so gutted. The guy gave them to me because he thought I'd take good care of them and if something ever happened to one of his other pairs he'd know where to get them. I feel awful, I don't know how to tell him.

    I really hope it's not the case but I guess I could have crushed him moving wood. :( I've taken everything back out again searching for him though and still no sign. He's just vanished.

    I haven't lost of fish for months, WHY WHY WHY did it have to be this one?!

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    That is just horrid! So sorry!
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    This happened to me once. I lost a guppy about three years ago and I was tearing my hair out trying to figure out where it went. My advice - if for nothing else than to put your mind at rest - is to check the nooks and crannies under the stand. A few months ago, I was leveling my stand, and I found the guppy! My stand rests half on and half off my fireplace mantle, and the guppy had apparently jumped out and wiggled into the space between the stand and the mantle.
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    Fish can also be excellent hiders, so I would not rule that out. It might just show up tomorrow. And by the way, don't under estimate neons - they are cousins of piranhas
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    Joseph I just ran to look under my cabinet when I read your post! Don't think there's any way he could get under there though.

    Jaysee I'm HOPING he's just hiding!! Doesn't look very realistic atm though.

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    If he is gone, I'm sorry for your loss.
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    Check your filter? Even if he is too big, if he died and got munched on he may have slimmed down.
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