I have a Blood Parrot along with 3 Severums (and a few other temporary residents) in a 120g tank.

I originally sort of "rescued" my parrot from a LFS where he had been for 6 months. I got tired of seeing him every time I went in there so I finally brought him (set me back $80). He exploded in size as soon as I got him home and is growing very fast.

I have fallen in love with him although I was originally very against the idea of parrots, and I would love to get him 2 or 3 companions. The only issue is that he is now about 4", and parrots in shops are usually 2" or less. I'm concerned about adding small parrots with my big one. He does chase the Severums occasionally but I have no idea how he would react if I added more parrots -- from what I have read they are just about always amiable towards each other?

Any experience/advice?