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    Default Adding new Blood Parrots?

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    I have a Blood Parrot along with 3 Severums (and a few other temporary residents) in a 120g tank.

    I originally sort of "rescued" my parrot from a LFS where he had been for 6 months. I got tired of seeing him every time I went in there so I finally brought him (set me back $80). He exploded in size as soon as I got him home and is growing very fast.

    I have fallen in love with him although I was originally very against the idea of parrots, and I would love to get him 2 or 3 companions. The only issue is that he is now about 4", and parrots in shops are usually 2" or less. I'm concerned about adding small parrots with my big one. He does chase the Severums occasionally but I have no idea how he would react if I added more parrots -- from what I have read they are just about always amiable towards each other?

    Any experience/advice?

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    They will be fine. He may harass them but it is impossible for him to do any real damage. Things will settle after a while. They are actually very social fish. LH can vouch for that...
    Who is "General Failure" and why is he reading my hard drive?

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    Since he is harassing the severums now, expect him to harass the new BPs much more than the severums due to conspecific aggression. The harassment could last as long as 2 weeks as the dominance hierarchy is re-established.

  4. Default

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    I started with 2 BP's and added a 3rd several months later. I was concerned - as you are - about aggression as the new BP was 1/2 their size. They did give him a hard time for a little while but now he's one of the family. since you are adding 2, it will give the larger one opportunities to spread any aggression around - if he decides to be aggressive, which he may not. I would suggest, however, that you have something for the new BP's to hide in. I used terra cotta pots, applied aquarium safe silicone glue and covered them with substrate so they blend in to the bottom. Even a rock cave or configuration or a driftwood arrangement that gives them some cover would help as they will feel insecure and they do like things to hide in on an ongoing basis. All three will establish their own sleeping territory. My little BP used to tuck in beside the intake tube on my HOB filter or beside the intake tube on the canister filter when he felt insecure. That behavior stopped long ago, again, as all three have become like a family unit.
    And I'm with you. I love my BP's. they are so active and responsive and over all very peaceful.
    Good luck!
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    I had a couple of bp's when I had my 100g along with sev's and all was well. I loved them, they were very social.
    Don't poke the crazy

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    My old tank. They get along just fine in big groups. They would scuffle, but eventually the other fish realized that they were totally harmless, since all they can really do is headbutt.

    Linking pics seems to have here you go...
    Who is "General Failure" and why is he reading my hard drive?

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    0 Not allowed!
    Thanks for the replies, guys! I have managed to find one parrot about the same size as mine that someone is selling at my local club for really cheap. Ideally I wanted to add 2 at once but I won't get a deal this good again so I'll have to add one and hope for the best until I can find a third.

    Scup your parrots are such a lovely gold colour!! Very nice.

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