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    Default Corals in FW community aquarium

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    I have recently started up with a 25 gallon aquarium, and have been seeing frequent fish deaths. I went through the beginners guide provided by your website and indeed it was very helpful. I have started following the guidelines there and hope to see some improvement in the coming weeks.

    I have one questions though.. is it ok to have dead corals in a freshwater aquarium? These corals were picked up from beaches and have been there in the tank for some time. I was suspecting do they cause the water chemistry to change for the worse?


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    Coral tends to dissolve over time and add a lot of hardness and increase the pH of freshwater. Depending on your initial water chemistry, how quickly it changes, and how much it changes... It very well could pose a problem to your fish. Or the shock of the difference when you do water changes could also be harmful.
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    If y0u give us a list 0f y0ur tank size, water parameters, what fish y0u have- y0u might get a few m0re specific answers. But c0ral will indeed tweak 0ut the pH.
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    Thanks much for your responses.
    I do not have the means to test the water parameters currently.. though i can confirm it is not hard water... about the others:
    Tank size is 3ft x 1ft x 1.5ft (LxBxH), holds about 100 ltrs of water i suppose. It has a power filter (Boyu PF 1000) and a biofoam filter.
    The fishes i have are:
    1 x black sucker fish (2 in)
    1 x whiteish/pinkish sucker fish (4 in)
    2 x shark (i suppose it is Colombian Shark Catfish) (2 in)
    4 x silver dollar ( ~ 1.5 cm )
    1 x dont-know-its-name ( :P pic attached) (3 in)

    Hope this helps..
    Attached Images Attached Images
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    Oh boy.

    The one you took a picture of is a goldfish.

    In the near future you should consider rehoming the goldie and the columbian shark. If the black suckerfish is a bristlenose pleco you are fine. If it is a normal pleco, it can grow up to 2 feet. Silver dollars are no small fish either when fully grown. A bit too small for a 25G as well.

    Overcrowding will soon become an issue, if its not already what is causing the deaths.

    The corals are not something I would worry about at this point. If its ever in question, just remove it.
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    Hi Scrup,

    Why rehome goldie and shark? Because of compatibility issues? (I did read something about sharks here which put in a quandary -> )

    Suckerfish is a normal pleco. I did figure it grows too large, but that would be after a long time right? Ditto for dollar? Is, in your opinion, a one year period a managable time before i trade my fish with someone with a more capable tank?

    If the corals aren't much of an issue, i'll let them be there. I replace 10-15 litres of water every couple of days, which hopefully should take care of that(??)

  7. Default

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    Few things:

    1. what is probably happening is that the coral is raising the pH and then when you do a water change it drops the pH back down, and then it starts going back up again. This instability is very tough on the fish and is probably leading to stress and death

    2. The tank is over stocked, those fish are going to have major issues in there soon, if not already. The goldfish is a bad mix with this group also. Most of the fish you have in there are really meant to be pond fish.

    Just my $.02

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    I run crushed coral in a few of my tanks as a substrate. While it does raise the pH somewhat, its not enough to cause noticable swings when I do even massive water changes- 80-90%. That being said, if its in question, why even chance it.

    I still think your problem is just due to overcrowding.

    Columbian shark will need brackish water when it is an adult.
    The pleco and goldfish will both get over 18" if they don't get stunted. And they grow faster than you think.
    The silver dollars will each be 6-8", and active. a 55g is pushing it with them, let alone a 25g.

    Small tank=small fish. You have lots of big fish. It just doesn't work.
    Who is "General Failure" and why is he reading my hard drive?

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    -Click to enlarge-

    Mid-size columbian shark in a brackish tank.
    Adult silver dollar.
    Adult common pleco.
    Adult common goldfish.
    Who is "General Failure" and why is he reading my hard drive?

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    picture is worth 1000 words. Wasn't positive about the corals, but good point, didn't think that people actually used crushed coral.

    But I'm betting the ammonia is pretty high in the tank too

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