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All the wood is pine, #2 Better grade stock. It's a little bit more expensive, but much better than construction grade. I use #8, 2-1/2 inch Spax stainless steel wood-to-wood screws, 45 screws per box. I get them at Menard's. The screws cost as much as the wood! You don't have to use SS - I do because they won't rust. Wood cost for the 29 gal stand - $20.52, screws $22.00 and I need a few more! There will be 112 screws in this stand.

I haven't done any more work on the stand as it's been so hot here (Slaphppy7, I can see your "you don't know what hot is" expression!). Yesterday is was 97, today and tomorrow to be even hotter. I need to hand cut the corner leg supports and don't want to do it in the house. This weekend should be much cooler and I can hopefully finish the stand (except for paint).

If anyone is interested in building this stand and would like the cut lengths for the wood, let me know your exact tank size and the height of the tank (measure from the bottom of the tank to the floor). Also, whether you are using a plywood top and styrofoam or just stryofoam (I would need the thickness measurement of each). You should use styrofoam between the stand and the tank to prevent pressure on the bottom glass from any imperfections or unevenness in the wood. You don't have to use the plywood top, as the tank frame is supported entirely by the 2x6 rectangle.
Thanks for the info on the wood and screws...not sure I'm gonna get SS, they cost twice as much as regular screws, and I'm gonna paint the stand and screwheads, so hopefully not much rust issue...I see why you'd want them, though.

I don't EVEN want to hear any whining about your little heat wave you've got going on up there...you imagined my expression well...lol, jk

I knew nothing about the styrofoam up top, so I am going to get back with you on that...one question though...you say the tank is only supported by the rectangle...what about the crossmembers up top?...they are there for front/back stability only?...I don't see why you could not use them as support under the tank also, after you've leveled and fastened the top rectangle, and added the 8 leg supports?