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Thread: Sad day

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    Quote Originally Posted by steeler1 View Post
    I'm so sorry to hear about your loss, it sounds like she passed peacefully.
    well apparently from what we were told she went happy, had a large steak bone to herself sunday evening and passed away in her sleep. If they were going to lose her, that is the way they wanted it to be.

    My fiance is doing ok, little rough, but Pandora knew something was up so was very cuddly which i think helped a bunch

    On a brighter note though we finally got a call for the type of kitten we have been looking for, she wants a lilac point applehead female siamese (so far next to impossible to find). So we get to go look / pick out the little fish eater later this month

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    Good deal, so glad she passed peacefully, and that you guys have another pet to occupy yourselves with
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    Crushing news, S0 S0rry. I als0 can relate. I had a d0g Sam that I grew up with, we had him 15 years and had t0 put him d0wn because he had cancer- @ 21 years 0ld I cried f0r 3 days straight, c0uldnt bring myself t0 be useful at all. My heart aches f0r y0u and the fiance, sincerely. My best wishes t0 y0u b0th.
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    I firmly believe that love is both eternal and transcendent. Physical death isn't the end of the story. And I always find that helpful whenever a loss like this occurs, be it a pet or a person. There's more to life than just what's here.

    Meanwhile, some very lucky kitty is about to find the best home she could ever dream of. Well-cared-for pets are one of life's richest experiences, for both the animals and their owners. (Of course, one never really "owns" a cat.)

    Hang in there, both of you. Blessings ahead . . .

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    You and your family-to-be are in my thoughts and prayers. And yes, that lucky kitten will have a very special home.
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    we are very excited about the kitten possibilities and are just hoping nothing falls through or appears "sketchy" when we go to pick one out.

    Thank all of you for your kindness and willingness to listen. This is a really great group of people

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    Man, that stinks. I'm sorry for your loss, Hardy. Losing my Chocolate Lab, Hershey, was probably one of the most heartbreaking things I've experienced. That and losing two parakeets in my hands (killed by Teflon poisoning - beware the nonstick pans!). Hershey was my best friend, growing up, so I can imagine what your fiance must be going through. It's a tough thing... we get so close to these pets and even share our lives with them, talk to them, cuddle with them, feed them, parent them. It's a link like nothing else.

    My thoughts and prayers are with you guys.

    As an aside, it's great to see you're ready to adopt another pet. Great choice on the lilac point applehead siamese - very beautiful animal. Seems like a theme for the day, but... To new beginnings!
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    We lost Max yesterday. He had kinda been walking around lost since Molly passed away so we knew he wasn't going to be too far behind.

    I know he's a lot happier now that he's back with Molly. It was just over a month between the two, and molly had been 2 weeks older than max

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    Sorry for your loss. I'm sure Molly met him at the Rainbow Bridge and helped him cross over.
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    awww... hardy i'm so sorry but know that molly now has her partner at her side and he no longer feels alone

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