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    Quote Originally Posted by Float-Goat View Post
    Be careful as your bettas can jump out if you don't have a lid, and i personally think that most goldfish are pondfish but that's just my personal opinion maybe it's better to sell or give away some of the fish or get a bigger tank
    My betas don't seem to be jumpers at all. Good insight though, I had no idea. My Goldfish is a jumper but only for food. I call him the Glutinous Defecating Warlord of the the tank he's my GDW.

    Right now he's relatively small. I will be upgrading as he grows. I have some other sizeable fish that are still in infancy stage as well. I do hope to have Julius (Fancy Goldfish) long enough to rehome him to someone with a pond one day when he's old and larger than life. For now I am going to enjoy watching him grow

  2. Default You Know I just Cant Stop New Sand Loach

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    So I got to the Aquarium today to buy a water test kit. I also needed a little more sand to help my plants root. While I was at it I knew I would spend three bucks on a new plant (I already forgot the name) SO I am looking at ghost shrimp and I see the loaches. I LOVE Loaches, the bottom feeder type that look like underwater serpent. I get into a never ending conversation with a lady at the store as per usual. I see a sand Loach she nonchalantly points out and I am suddenly sure I am going to die if I cant have it. Admittedly I am like a ten year old wanting every stray animal I find behind the dumpster down the street when it comes to fish. I am all over it. I brought home a new loach. He's still adjusting to the new environment and didn't eat at first feeding today. A little bummed about that. I can't wait to fatten him up... And of course I will post a pic as soon as possible as though you give a

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    The new sand loach has settled in well. I think I posted a while back that I was worried about the dojo because on occasion he seems to have rapid gill movement. Turns out that as I have been testing the water now with the test kit rather than the strips. (don't use the strips, put out the money for the kit its the best 30 bucks you will spend) while I have been working on getting my tank cycle back to normal my nitrite levels have been spiking. I am so lucky that I have been doing daily water changes because were it not for that my babies would probably not have made it. I have been very diligent, but the parameters were so unstable that I have had to increase the size of the water changes. My nitrite was at the 4 and 5 ppm level and my initial water change was only reducing that to about 1 or two. my second water change brought it down to .25 Mr. Han is much happier now. They all look much happier, but it has been most noticeable in the dojo. I have to say that I am not very impressed with the live plant's job in helping with nitrite levels. I had thought that all the plants would be some kind of miracle nitrite repellent I guess. I have been in the market for that larger tank. I am worried that Julius (Fancy Goldfish) is just too big for the ten gallon already. At this point im afraid to even invest in anything smaller than a 55. hhmmmm

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    The tank is running cleaner, clearer, and quieter than ever. My Nitrites are staying low so hopefully no more daily water changes. I think that rinsing my carbon filter in tank water really helped kick the bb up a notch. Just what I needed and Just in time also. My summer class final is Wednesday and I can really use the extra time right now. The fish are swimming around happily and they are used to their new feeding schedule now. The scaling back on feeding will help keep conditions clear in my tank. They doubled in size in the first 4 weeks I had them. All that raw protein. Don't want them to grow too fast (lol) I will need a much larger tank too soon. All the ich is gone in my tank as well

    Whooooo.... Happy Fish happy Life
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