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    i love my school of chili rasboras, or even celestrial pearl danio school.

    How many fish do you want? A school, single fish, couple types? Really in a 10g you could do 1 school of a "micro" fish and then shrimp (red cherries) or something like a betta or dwarf gourami possibly

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    A couple of fish or even a small school.

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    This whole fish thing is very confusing because everyone says different things. One group thinks 5 zebra Danios in a 10 gallon would do fine. Others do not.

    What I do plan on is having small fish. I don't want anything that will get huge on me.

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    look into the chili rasboras. they are very pretty little fish that stay very small.

    When it comes to advice you really can't listen to most fish store owners, or anyone that could profit from you listening to there advice.

    While yes 5 zebra danios fits the old "1" per gallon rule" <- which is very inaccurate and out dated, the danios would not live up to there full potential...

    I highly recommend you "re-home" the danios for now, do a fishless cycle and continue to ask for advice on here. Maybe start a journal (will require pictures to keep us all happy :) ), and then we can help you set up exactly what your hoping to end up with

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    You're right, fish keeping is very confusing...until you know what you're doing that is. There's also always more information, more types of fish being discovered and introduced to the hobby, and always more to learn. I've kept fish on and off for 12 years, from a little 2 gal betta tank to a 100g cichlid tank and I can tell you, there are real experts here on this site that know what they're talking about and they're not here to steer you wrong. This group is about helping people do well by their fish, to help them be successful, promote education about aquaria, and to help prevent premature fish loss. Please, take advice from reputable members here and you will fall in love with fish keeping like the rest of us have.

    That said, I too am in the process of cycling a 10g after taking a long hiatus from keeping fish. I am fishless cycling because 1. I don't want fish to suffer and 2. it's much faster than cycling with fish and 3. it's EASY, you just need to educate yourself. If you go to the "cycling" thread in the beginner's forum you'll see a wonderful informative sticky at the top by Lady Hobbs about cycling a tank. Follow those directions TO A TEE and you won't go wrong. Be patient. I finally got my first 0 ammonia reading this morning after about 1.5 wks since adding ammonia. Now my Nitrites and Nitrates are very high so I'll be adding 1/2 dose of ammonia (likely daily or when the reading is 0) until the Nitrites are gone.

    The great thing? Once that happens, I can do a big water change and as long as NitrAtes are under 20 I can FULLY stock my tank!! How great is that? None of this "1 or 2 fish at a time" crap :).

    For stocking my 10g I'm considering a school of micro Rasboras (7-10), a few cherry shrimp as a "clean up crew" and possibly a dwarf gourami OR male betta. I may also plant some very easy to grow plants as this is and will remain a "low tech" tank, no CO2 or fancy lighting. It's a very full stocking but I will be checking the water regularly and do water changes as necessary. I don't anticipate many problems because I KNOW my tank will be cycled and ready to go.

    Good luck and I really hope to see you around here because fish keeping is awesome sauce!

  6. Default

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    Problem with the re-homing is I no longer have the recipe for the fish. I just called the place where I got them ( local store) and they said they do not refund or take pets without recipes. Guess they had a bad issue in the past. =/

  7. Default

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    Guess I'm just gonna have to wing this and hope for the best..

  8. Default

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    not necessarily, do you know anyone else with a tank, heck even toss them on craiglist, ask $1 for both (or free).

    Final call is always up to you.

  9. Default

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    I'm the only person I know with a fish tank. And I'm not fond of craigslist for security reasons. But I guess I'll just keep doing what I'm doing. I don't mind doing water changes. It doesn't even take 10 minutes. It's faster than cleaning my Ferrets' cage.

  10. Default

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    I don't really mind doing 1 or 2 fish at a time since I have limited amount of spending money. Poor college kid, ya know.

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