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  1. Default Planning a betta tank, a little help with tank size and compatibility.

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    I have an unused fluval spec aquarium, dimensions are 10.8"length by 8.7"width by 11.8"height. First is is this big enough for a betta? I know people commonly keep these in 1 gallon tanks and less, but I want to take proper care.

    Second, is this a good stocking?
    1 betta
    2-6 Amano shrimp
    1-3 nerite snails

    And last, what's a beautiful type of betta that you reccomend? I've heard of "Blue Dragon" bettas, but I doubt they would be easy to obtain.

    That's it, and thank you.

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    Not sure about what betta type, but i think dragon varieties are meaner than the others( so i read), if you want to do shrimp and bettas i would try red cherry shrimp, even if the betta snaps one day and kills off most of the shrimp, there should be some survivors and will repopulate the tank. Give them some moss and that would be even more true
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  3. Default

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    Well, the whole reason for Amano shrimp is because they are bigger and take care of algea better than other shrimp.

  4. Default

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    There is no guarantee that a betta of any type won't snap and make meals of tankmates. I have had good luck with nerites and bettas personally, but my females will kill even boys were fine with them.

    I am not sure on the volume of that seems small and small tanks are hard to cycle. Also, the more fish you cram in there with a betta the more likely you are to have carnage. This is just an example (so understand I'm a betta psycho and overdo the care): In a 10 gallon tank, I have one giant betta and one nerite. The nerite does a fine job of cleaning up algae and the betta loves his space. I wonder if all those algae cleaners in a smaller tank would have enough to eat.

    In an ideal world, bettas should be housed in at least two gallons, some people say five is the minimum. They really do need space. And unfortunately you can't predict what they are going to do with tankmates. Your tank sounds good for a shrimp tank, if not for a single betta.
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    Those measurements work out to a say 3.5 gal tank (see calculators on the sidebar) so its big enough for a betta. I personally wouldn't keep a betta in less than a ten - sure they are ok with less, but once you've seen a betta poking its nose around in every nook and cranny all over the tank, you realise they are more active than people give them credit for, if given the chance.
    For species you will have to stick with smaller varieties for that size tank. But its not hard to pick, just stroll thu a lfs and you will fall in love with half the bettas there. I'm a C.T. fan, myself.
    You should be able to keep a couple shrimp and a couple snails...but in that size tank, I wouldn't go more than that. Amanos can get quite large, I think more than 2 would be overkill.

  6. Default

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    Yes, it's about 3.5 gallons. Would this do?
    1 betta
    2 Amano
    1 nerite
    (or 2 nerite 1 Amano)

    I dont think the betta will get too aggressive if I put some java moss and a small cave at the bottom just in case the shrimp need to hide. For shrimp feeding, I have plenty of Hikari shrimp food.

    Any plants you reccomend for a betta? Java fern or... Something that a betta will appreciate.
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    It might work. I keep a betta with a colony of cherry shrimp and rams horn snails in a 4 gallon planted nano. He is good with them but i also have other bettas that love to fight anything in their tanks. So just keep a close eye on them and dont get to attached to the shrimp or snails just in case
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    Sorry, I'm a plant dunce. All I can say is that bettas like to rest on they would likely appreciate anything they can wiggle into and set themselves down.

    I think two nerites would be ok...but I would wait to add them til some algae shows up for them to eat.

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    Expectation for happy fish is 1 gallon per 1 inch of fish and I say if you have some bottom dwellers and side crawlers its almost like having upstairs and downstairs space. Sounds like you have 5 gallons and you want to put a 2"-3" beta (top swimmer), a small colony of shrimp, and a couple snails (all bottom dwellers) with your remaining 2-3 gallons. You should be good. Be careful of some types of snails as they can get enormous.

    Guppies and corys are dainty fish you can put more of in one tank at 5 gallons. I think it would be nicer to look at.
    I love the Shrimp. I have a small colony of Ghost Shrimp myself. They're so fun. They look like they're knitting sometimes lol. They help keep your tank cleaner.

  10. Default

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    I have always heard that about betas as well. I have two female halfmoon in a tank with a fancy goldfish, a dojo loach, a panda cory, a chinese catfish, and a small colony of Ghost shrimp. For some reason the betas dont harass any of the other fish much, though they do give each other a good romp across the tank sometimes.

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