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    Default New planted tank

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    I have after thinking long and hard about what to do Deciced to change my tank to a planted tank.
    My fish have all been moved to new homes and are happy. My Fly river Turtle has been moved into a new tank and is more than happy in there chasing his dinner.

    So im going to do a photoblog of my planted tank. from start to well where ever it ends.
    So far i have upgraded the lighting to a new EJA lighting system, I have a temporary CO2 Tetra system but i have a proper Co2 system on order.
    My substrant is ADA Amzonia there are no fish in the tank yet only a little crab that was hidden in some of the plants that i brought.
    Any feedback will be greatly accepted and in the next 3-4 weeks i will be looking for advice on what fish to get.
    The tank is a little murky still and im not the best at taking photos so please be kind.
    Btw i Live in Thailand so sometimes its a little difficult to get hold of some things, but its also intresting to see the fish that i can get and the cost is a fraction ok the UK that i would normally pay.
    So enjoy the pictures and help me with the names of the plants as there in Thai here and i cant read Thai.
    Attached Images Attached Images

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    The tall reedy stuff is a kind of vallisneria, most likel asiatica. I see some hair grass. The small leaf stuff might be Hemianthus Callitrichoides. I'm struggling to come up with the pointy leaf plant back left.
    Personally I'd never put vallis this far in the front, it will shoot up like a rocket. Also, check youtube, there's various vids on how to plant hairgrass. Last tip, see if you can get your hands on some pogestemon helferi aka Downoi in thai. It's a lovely ground covering plant.

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    Hey thanks for the info will check out youtube out. The plant you recommend i think its the red one in the bottom right hand corner of the 4th picture maybe looks the same on google expect green.
    I dont have a front or a back to the tank its viewed from both sides depending if im laying in bed or laying on the sofa. But i will keep an eye on the vallis to make sure it stays a decent height.

    So my project today is to get the water Temp down one of the problems here is the Temperture with out having to use a heater the water is sitting at between 29-30 and i would like to lower it a little.
    So last night i lifted the lid and left a inch gap all the way round the tank to so once im up will see if that works and report back.
    If not i will hook up some type of fan to cool it down. Or just use it as an excuse to visit the fish shop again!
    I also noticed that my crab has a buddy, a snail was on the glass last night will hunt for him today to see if i can get a picture.

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    So lifting the lid of the tank did help a bit the temp is now 28 but i still think this is a little too warm. What do you guys think?
    Today is water change day. My turtle tank will get a 50% change and the Planted tank will get a 25% change this will be the first change since it all started 4 days ago. i have a fine film on top of the tank due to the new soil so im hoping that with the water change and some paper that i can remove this as well.
    I know im a few weeks off from getting any fish but i started looking yesterday at what i could get.
    Neon tetras are a given they look so good in the light and the green of the plants really show off its blue and red.
    i also want some shrimps they can keep the 2 crabs that have hitched hiked there way into my tank.
    I love Eels and used to own a fire Eel i know he is no good for this tank but would love some non aggressive wiggly eels for the tank. Any sugestions?
    i have included some pictures of the two crabs that taken up home in the tank.
    Will update on the progress of the water change and temp tomorrow


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    0 Not allowed!
    So i did the water Change 25% 2 days ago everything went ok, Did a water check today the Ammonia is 0 Nitrate is 5.0 and the Nitrite is0.25 and ph is 6.0. Also went and brought a fan for the tank as the Temp was not reducing and the Temp outside here has been getting warmer not cooler like it should be.
    I hvae also ordered my fish well some of them as its going to take a week to get them.
    I ordered
    30 Cherry shrimps
    20 Amano shrimps
    10 lemon tetra
    10 Coolie Loach
    and 10 Harlquine Tetra

    What do you think?
    Here is a picture of the fan i got to cool the tank

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    0 Not allowed!
    Should work but do keep an eye on water levels.

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    So out and about this morning i went to a different fish shop to see what plants they have i got hold of some Cabomba which is perfect for covering the corner where the Co2 system is.
    I was also naughty because they had some really nice enders in there and i wanted to get some movement going in the tank so i brought 10.
    There happy playing in the new tank discovering their new home.
    Attached Images Attached Images

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    So i finally got my call from the fish shop to say some of my fish have arrived.
    I have been busy putting in some more plants and a few other fish there are now 7 cardinals tetra, 2 zebra loach, and a couple of other fish that have been doing well.
    I went to the fish shop a little excited to be getting my Yamoto Shrimp and my cherry shrimp, i really need these little critters to start to work on some bits of algae that has started to grow. to my surprize he had also managed to get me my ottos as well so 5 of them have entered the tank. i was a little bit dissapointed that he said he had my harlequins but when i looked there not what i remember harlequins looking like. very close but not the same maybe its just me.
    Then as i was having a nose around the shop i spot this wonderful Betta that would look great in the tank so i get him as well my research tell me he is a Elephant Ear Halfmoon Plakat Betta looks stunning under the lights of the tank.
    So now just waiting for my lemon tetras and my coolie loaches and im stocked.
    I get by big boy Co2 set up on Sunday cant wait to hook that up
    Attached Images Attached Images

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    The term Harlequin is used for three closely related species:

    Trigonostigma heteromorpha
    Trigonostigma espei
    Trigonostigma hengeli

    At a glance they look identical, care and water needs are just about indentical. I think what you have is Espei. All of these do best in soft water, planted tank and don't mind a bit of tannins. Do keep at least 5 and preferably 7 or even more. There's a distinct pecking order in the group.

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    0 Not allowed!
    thanks for that yes they look more like the hengeli there not as orange as the espei. I remember mine back in the uk used to be the Heteromorpha ones because they always remind my of a champers glass with there markings.
    Any way they seem happy enough its been 3 days and everything has settled into its own areas of the tank.

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