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    Default Lighting question

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    Hi folks. Been a while since I've posted, but I had a quick question. I admit, I'm not very good at numbers. Just not really my thing. About 6 months ago, I replaced my old lights with new ones in the hopes of making my tank planted. Well, I just picked up my first few plants this week and put them in the tank. I was wondering if these new bulbs are sufficient to keep aquatic plants healthy. The tank itself is 125g and I only have 4 plants at this point. The bulbs are two: "Glo" Power Glo T8, 30W 18,000K. bulbs. 1330 Lumens each.

    I tried to make sense of the posts and research, but not really sure I understand it all.

    Thanks :)

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    Quote Originally Posted by jscurrier View Post
    The bulbs are two: "Glo" Power Glo T8, 30W 18,000K. bulbs. 1330 Lumens each.
    Underpowered by far and entirely the wrong spectrum.
    [Color temp = 18000K would get you an algae farm {More suitable for a marine tank}.. If they were strong enough to have an impact .. & they aren't.]

    Without knowing the plants you have it's impossible to make suggestions to meet their requirements but you should be shooting for 2 or 3 Watts per gallon of T5 lighting as a baseline and obviously this can be adjusted depending on your specific plant stock. The color spectrum you are wanting is 6500 or 6700K as this is the most useful wavelength for plants.

    Here is an informative lighting link I want you to digest SLOWLY.. It's in depth but easily comprehensible & worth knowing so take your time:
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    125 gallon, 470 liters. That's a lot of water. 60 watts is very, very low light. 18k lights.. algae risk indeed and, in my opinion, it wouldn't look good at all!

    On that much water I'd be looking for a quad T5 or T5HO setup.

    That link.... well... perhaps a bit daunting for the average beginner? Good guide though!

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    for a 125 that is too little light for anything other than java moss, hornwort, and maybe duckweed. but they spectrums are wrong as well (as stated above). ive heard of some people using the high rated lights in conjunction with a pink hue bulb to get a higher par/visible light ratio. not sure how well it turned out but even they wouldnt use anything higher than 12000k.
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    that's why I come here. I figured I would be making a change and I would get good advice. Thanks so much folks.

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    I think I've decided on 3X 105W SHO lamps with reflectors. There is a hydroponic store not far from me that has them. I will have to stop at a home improvement store to complete my set up as far as hanging them, but it should look good. Right now, I have one rose sword, baby tears, moneywart and hairgrass. Once I get my lighting figured out and installed, I want to get a couple more swords, java fern/moss and more hairgrass and one more baby tears. With that lighting, I want to add a bit of floating plants. The lighting and set up is surprisingly cheap. I also got two types of fertilizer, Tetra FloraPride and Kent Marine. Still need to get the tabs for under the gravel. The "pet store gal" (lol) said that the nutrients in the gravel are enough to feed the plants and the tabs aren't needed. Anyway, thanks again.

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