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  1. Default Bottom dwellers with severum in a 55 gallon

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    Hey i got a 55 gallon and i think im going to go with a pair of severums but not sure, I need some assistance with some bottom dwellers for the tank im going to have 2 albino BN in but they are mostly going to hide behind the driftwood thats going to be in the tank and i want a bottom dweller that's more out and about.

    What would you guys recommend for bottom dwellers that won't become a food source for the severums if i go that route?

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    I'm not familiar with Severums (except that I know they get big and can be a bit rowdy) but I've seen semi-adult fish and I couldn't imagine them being able to take on a heavily armoured "plec" that's bigger than 4 inches. Problem is, a 55g doesn't offer the floorspace for any of the "common" pleco varieties. Also quite a few of the more exotic species are rather picky when it comes to decor and water conditions.

    Now I'm a bit puzzled, you're going for BN which you say you won't see much and you want something else that you will see. Then why the BN in the first place?

    Can you share a bit more about this tank? Setup, temp, will it be high flow or not? Do you happen to know approximately if this is hard or softwater? Any idea of your PH?

  3. Default

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    Just realised i should have posted this in the catfish section of the forum and not cichlids.
    I have not yet gotten the tank since my last tank cracked so im getting a new floor in my apartment so no acces to it yet other then feeding the fish i have in a smaller tank.

    Im going to get low PH since the severums like that, i will probably never know what ph ill have but i got 7 from the tap and then im going to have lots of wood and leaves in the tank to lower the ph and look natural.

    I have the BN's since i have 2 that my uncle is keeping they was going to move to my old tank but it cracked before i was able to pick them up and i have no other place for them.

    If i can im going to use a Fluval 406 in the tank since the 205 that comes with the pakage is a bit small. (it's drilled in the bottom so can't just add the 406 like you would on a normal tank.

    i was thinking of something other then a L catfish like corries or something like a redtail catfish ( i know they are way to big but i don't know what you call those types of catfish)

    The temp is going to be around 80-82 thanks to the temp in my apartment during the days so probably going to keep it there going to try to go lower if i can

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    So, more catfish than l-number. ok....

    Pimelodus pictus if you can keep the temp down a bit. Brochis are supersized corys but won't like it that warm. Hey, how about megalechis or hoplo catfish?

    In any case, get some nice pool filter sand on the bottom.

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    Holpos get on well with Severums and are usually out and about. However if it's a breeding pair I honestly wouldn't put anything else in there with them. 55g is not much room for 2 big severums.

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    I cant 0ffer any help with the fish, Im n0t very knowledgeable with catfish and such, but as far as adding y0ur filter t0 a drilled tank- it is as easy as buying a bulkhead fitting f0r the h0le and adding a plug t0 it t0 seal it 0ff. Then y0u can run y0ur filter as usual. Unless y0u feel enterprising and want t0 m0dify y0ur filtrati0n intake t0 w0rk with the drilled tank and run the return as usual.
    Y0ur pH will certainly dr0p a bit with driftw00d, my plecs and sevs seem very happy and my pH is ar0und 6.6.
    I like the th0ught 0f the pictus, I had a pair 0f them a c0uple 0f years ag0- my water was ab0ut 76 degrees and they were d0ing well until m0st 0f New England had a p0wer 0utage f0r 8 days and wiped 0ut my tank.
    When in d0ubt read it until it makes sense, then read it again!

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    I have to agree with the aquarium is on the small side for any other fish.

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