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  1. Default Flag Fish at the bottom of the tank

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    I've got an American Flag Fish that's at least 2 years old. For about a month now, he has been sitting on the bottom of the tank (or whatever he is able to rest on) for a few seconds to more than several minutes at a time. While resting he "pants", but his fins are not clamped. When disturbed he gets up and swims for different amounts of time, no longer than a minute or two though. He has been eating flake food regularly, but looks thinner. His belly is also flatter, most likely from resting so often.

    He's in an 80gl planted tank with a sand and peat moss substrate. Two over the back Penguin 330 filters. Other fish in the tank consist of different types of tetras, 3 other flag fish, 2 ancistrus, and a few other fish that do not bother him.

    Water parameters:
    pH: 7.5 NH3: less than 0ppm DO: 8mg/L temp: 79 deg. F

    I'm not sure what's wrong or what to do about it. Any help would be wonderful.

  2. #2


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    According to this link, they need algae to eat - it sounds like it might be malnourished? Do you only feed flake food to your fish or do you vary what you give them - like offering frozen/live foods like blood worms or brine shrimp?

    What's the total # of fish in the tank and the rest of your water parameters like ammonia & nitrites? You say your NH3 is less than 0?

  3. Default

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    They get algae pellets every once in a while along with sinking pellets and whatever algae grows in the tank. I've thought about it being malnourished, but the weird thing is that my 3 other flag fish in the tank are fine.

    Total number of fish is 32. Oh, that was silly, I meant ammonia was close to zero.

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    Hmmm - I'm thinking perhaps this fish has internal parasites? The one med I'm familiar with is Prazi Pro - many people use it to "deworm" new fish. Also, considering your tank appears to be well established, why isn't your ammonia 0? What are you using to test your ammonia? Do you have a liquid kit or strips? How often do you change your water and how much at a time?

    Cycled tank parameters should be 0 ammonia, 0 nitrites and 20 or less nitrates.

  5. Default

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    That's a good thought. The ammonia was between .2ppm and 0ppm. I have a liquid kit, and the light I was reading it in was not great so there was some human error in it. I don't change the water often enough, but I usually do at least 10gl at a time.

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