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    Default I don't know what's happening!

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    My 20g established for over a year now is having issues. All my tests are well within normal range. Ammonia: 0 nitrite: 0 nitrate: 0 pH: 6.8. My 2 cherry barbs, 2 black phantom tetras and my bushy nose pleaco are all showing signs of fin rot. Their tails are fraying and my pleaco has a hole in its tale like a helicopter lol. The only thing I've changed recently was that I started switching my bulbs between day and night lighting. Please someone help.
    37 Gallon Community: (3)Diamond Tetra (1) Bushy Nose Pleco (7) rummy nose tetra (1) veil angel (1) red head angel (3) Serpae Tetra (1) Marci Rainbow (2) turquoise rainbow (1) bosemani rainbow (1) clown Pleco (1) clown loach

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    Nitrate: 40 sorry
    37 Gallon Community: (3)Diamond Tetra (1) Bushy Nose Pleco (7) rummy nose tetra (1) veil angel (1) red head angel (3) Serpae Tetra (1) Marci Rainbow (2) turquoise rainbow (1) bosemani rainbow (1) clown Pleco (1) clown loach

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    It's not the Nitrates at 40, even so, that's getting up there and you ought to do a water change immediately. Have a quick look at the fish diseases link on the left for help on getting the right product to cure your fish.
    Life is tough, it's even tougher if you're stupid (John Wayne)
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    9 Tanks (2-29G QT) ranging from 150G to 10G for my 1/2 moon Beta

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    Could something have been nipping your fish? Nipped fins very easily develop into fin-rot. You have very small incomplete schools which can often cause nippiness in schooling fish. Black Skirts can have a reputation for being nasty when not kept in adequate schools.

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    I've watched my fish and they don't generally go after each other at all so I don't think that is the problem. I don't understand about the nitrates.....a lot of what I have read says at that 40 is fine and they have been consistently at 40 for awhile now. I do regular weekly 25% water changes. I test at least once a month and numbers don't waver. I use seachem prime, salt, and microbe special blend, nothing else. The only fish who don't seem to have a prolem are my diamond tetras, silver tip tetras and my shrimp.
    37 Gallon Community: (3)Diamond Tetra (1) Bushy Nose Pleco (7) rummy nose tetra (1) veil angel (1) red head angel (3) Serpae Tetra (1) Marci Rainbow (2) turquoise rainbow (1) bosemani rainbow (1) clown Pleco (1) clown loach

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    I would up your water changes to 50% a week. 40 is waaay high, I'd never let mine get that high. I try to keep mine at 10ppm or less. I do a WC if it starts heading up to 20ppm. 40ppm isn't gunna kill your fish, but it DOES make them more susceptible to infections... Like finrot.

    Also just because you don't see it doesn't mean it doesn't happen. A lot of fish aggression happens at night. Took me bloody ages to figure out who was picking off fish in one of my tanks once because they only did it at night.

    I'm guessing someone got nipped, and the infection got in because of the high nitrate level. Fish are much more likely to get infections in water with higher levels of disolved organic waste.

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    Species collection in low numbers, stress and harassment are very likely even though OP doesn't believe in that.

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    I also have black skirts and bristle nose but would not consider keeping either species in 20 gallons. Everyone is correct here in that some species of tetra's are nippy. I've had black skirts over 10 years and never had that problem with them but my schools are always 15, 18, 24. You should not ever take schooling fish that live in the hundreds and stock them as 2. Same applies to the cherry barbs.

    Water changes every week and 50%. Nitrates is recommended at 20 or below.

  9. Default

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    You've gotten great advice. 50% weekly water changes are a must to get your nitrates down.
    Clean water is the best treatment for fin rot. While your fish are experiencing it, I'd even up the W/C to 50% twice a week to get it cleared up.
    After you get it cleared up, I'd also discontinue the salt. Most here only use salt as a treatment for a specific condition - fin rot is one of them - but salt should not be used in fresh water tanks on a regular basis as some suggest. here's a link to a good article explaining why salt should only be used as a method of treatment, not for maintenance:
    Good luck
    Last edited by fishmommie; 06-22-2013 at 02:11 PM.
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    Good post by mommie -- I didn't notice you were using salt. Agreed that you should only use it when actually treating something. It has no proven benefit as an everyday additive.

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