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  1. Default My Honey Gourami is dying, what's wrong with him

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    I've had him for like a month. He never looked too bad but suddenly today he looked horrible and was either resting on the bottom of my 10 gallon or floating by the top. I always keep my parameters fine and change water weekly, the only thing is I have hard water. I've attached pictures. He looks like his gills might be inflamed and he has white discoloration near the top of his head, but he also has blackish discoloration along his back. His side fins are folded up. I've moved him into a jar (I don't have any hospital tank). He looks like he could die any second, it's like he gets paralyzed and floats to the top trying to sip water, then he seems to go back to being active for a little bit. I have no clue what to do. I've attached pictures of him.
    Attached Images Attached Images
    Last edited by learis; 06-21-2013 at 11:25 PM.

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    That is a really emaciated fish. One thing I notice is that the gouramis surroundings are really Bright. Honeys don't like it bright. It stresses them and prevents feeding. Not sure what could be done now, but keeping it in a dark location even if it is going to die will make its last moments less stressful. If it survives for a day(make sure you change out water constantly in the jar) and doesn't seem to get worse, then maybe try treating for parasites?

  3. Default

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    Thanks, I know it looks bright, but all I have are 2 10 watt CFL for a 10 gallon, so it shouldn't be that bright... I'll see how he does in the jar tonight, and I'll pick up a gallon bowl for him tomorrow if he's getting better. He always had an appetite. I fear that it must be internal parasites since he's emaciated.

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    sorry about the gourami. hope things get better. yes he looks emaciated. have you noticed that he hasn't been eating?
    how long have you had your tank set up? when you say you keep your water perimeters fine, what does that mean? please tell us what your ammonia, nitrite and nitrate readings are. what other fish are in the tank?
    all of this will help figure out what might be wrong. inflamed gills suggest a possible ammonia or nitrite poisoning - at least it's a possibility.
    in the meantime, as madagascar said, keep the water in the jar changed daily and make sure you condition it.
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  5. Default

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    Hi guys, the gourami died today.

    Water parameters:
    temp: 79F
    Amm: 0
    Gh: 180
    Kh: 120
    Ph: 7.5
    Nitrite: 0
    Nitrate: 20-40

    This is nearly always my water parameters. The neighbors the gourami had were a female swordtail, a nerite snail, and a male guppy. Everyone got along. I've had nothing but bad luck with Gouramis whether they were dwarf or honey. They've all been very sickly. I'm done getting gouramis for 10 gallons, they just seem too susceptible to sickness. This honey gourami and the dwarf flame gourami I had before him both had practically the same symptoms. They had a good appetite but they still looked emaciated. I got them from different stores too, so I think they must be prone in general to internal parasites.

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    IMO Nitrate: 20-40 is pretty damn high. I try to keep mine around 10ppm or less, and never let it get above 20. Whatever your water change regime is, double it. I do AT LEAST 50% a week on all my tanks.

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