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Thread: 3D Backgrounds

  1. Default 3D Backgrounds

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    I've been looking at every background I can find for that perfect one. I've noticed quite a lot of posts on here have said plain blue or black as their choice. Is this a preference or are these less stressful to fish ? I've found a reasonably priced 3D background, and was wondering if anyone can give some advice on this topic. Thanks.

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    People tend to gravitate towards the blue and darker backgrounds largely due to the reduced costs. it also makes the fish's colors 'pop' more. Another downside to 3D backgrounds is that they usually aren't the easiest to clean. Some 3D backgrounds may also leach chemicals depending on the material that they were made with so take that in mind when purchasing.

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    Like mojosodope says, the nice thing about plain blue or black backgrounds is that they're cheap. Most of my tanks have a plain background for that reason. I did buy a 3D background for a large tank I'm working on and it was very expensive but it will also make the tank look far more natural.

    The only downside I can think of is that 3d backgrounds do take up more space in the tank, leaving less room for fish. Some of the more elaborate backgrounds I've seen can be 6" thick or more.
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    When I set up my tank I could find cheap 3d backgrounds and nice ones. I was seriously considering making my own but even that was rather expensiv.e. The cleaning aspect never bothered me, I don't clean backgrounds.
    This company has some nice looking ones and at decent prices too.

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    My preference is black backgrounds and black substrate. (I don't like blue at all.) 3_D's can take up some serious space in a tank. Some of those tree bark backgrounds extend out about 8".

    Black backgrounds make the fish colors pop and draw attention to the fish, not the background like some of those "busy" backgrounds you see with scenery. I have seen a few that look like stone walls, tho, that look rather nice.
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    A well chosen 3d background can really make a tank.

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    You could make a "live" 4d background w/ moss. ;]
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    The 3D background that I'm looking at is one that looks like a stone wall. The description says that it's 1/4" thick. I've seen the real fancy ones and they would take to much space.

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