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  1. Default Fish aggression help needed

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    I recently added a dwarf gourami to my planted setup with a snakeskin gourami. I know that snakeskin gourami are very peaceful but still setup territories and he has been chasing my dwarf gourami around a couple of times an hour at least. I setup a 2 liter plastic soda container and put several holes it in and pinned it to the aquarium and put the snakeskin inside of it, he is about 4 inches long. My question is will he be okay in here for a few days while the dwarf gourami establishes himself, and are there any other things I can do to curb aggression? thanks

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    where did you get the impression that snakeskin gouramis are peaceful? its a gourami, a large and fairly aggressive one at that.
    unless you are talking of pearl, honey or sparkling gouramis in harems in large tanks, anabantids really should not be kept together.

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    Yes, generally it's 1 to a tank unless you have the ones listed above.
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    I agree with the above. Unless you have a very large tank with a lot of visual barriers like driftwood and plants, you are probably looking at constant aggression issues. You might try rearranging the tank so BOTH gourami's have to establish new territory but I still suspect you'll end up with the same problem. The new guy may have to be returned to the LFS. Sorry
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    nope, only one gourami per tank, unless as was said it is very large and lots of hiding places, even then it does not always work out. EVEN the pearl gouramis I found though some say they are peaceful and can keep more than one, it did not work out for me.
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