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    Default 55 gallon Community Tank suggestions

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    I just set up a 55 gallon tank, completed the cycle and have since added 3 neon tetra's. I am looking for recommendations for community fish to add. My daughter would like a small Angel fish however I am not sure they would fit within a community tank.

    All suggestions would be welcome! The 3 neon tetras look lost in my 55 gallon tank


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    Hey there and welcome to the forum! About 2 years ago I posted very similar thread to this so I feel it is appropriate I give you advice on everything I've learned from experience and from other members. Few important things to consider:

    1. 55 gallon tank is pretty big but not THAT big. If you're going for community, I would stick with 1 to 3 schools and some cool oddball or centerpiece fish. Don't get fish that grow to be a foot long (bala sharks, common plecos, many catfish, etc).

    Remember schooling/shoaling fish (like tetras) LOVE to be in large groups and act more comfortably and naturally when they are. Many beginners (me including) want to get different types of fish while the experienced hobbyist will tell you how beautiful it is to see 30 neons (or more!) moving around the tank together. Case in point, don't get 10 types of fish with only 3 in each school. Get 3 schools of 10 or even better, one school of 30 or two of 15. Your fish will thank you for that.

    2. Decide if you want planted tank (I highly suggest this) or not. You could do an African cichlid tank with stones instead but you would need to set it up certain way and return your neons as they are not compatible. I would not get SA cichlids as they would get too large.

    3. Angelfish are great fish but don't stay small for long and may eventually eat your neons. If you get large school of neons and provide hiding spaces, you could get away it but may eventually lose a few that are slower. I would stick with 1 angelfish or maximum 2 if they are a mated pair otherwise they will become too territorial and hurt the others.

    4. Suggestions for fish - The fun part!

    Increase your school of neons to 25-50. Add a cool dwarf pleco (I've kept bristlenose, clown, golden nugget) to help with algae control. If you're lucky enough to have rarer species available in higher end stores (not Petco etc), I suggest whiptail catfish, spotted headstander, and royal farowella catfish. Some of the cool L series plecos are expensive! German Blue Rams are beautiful fish that stay small but are a bit finicky and not recommended for beginners or those who cannot commit to weekly water changes and maintenance. Apistogamma come in all sorts of colors and have similar traits to GBR. A school of cory cats is fun because they have good personalities, scavenge the substrates for leftover food, and are hearty. Other schools of tetras I like are rummynose and emperor. A great school of fish to keep for top later are hatchetfish. The silver ones are cool but the marble ones are even cooler!

    Most importantly - read up on what you put in your tank! The stickies on this site are very helpful. Have fun!
    Last edited by Fish from Filly; 06-19-2013 at 07:32 PM.
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    +1 that's one terrific answer.

    To add, if you get the top layer hatchetfish make sure there's a tight lid - no spaces, gaps big enough for a fish to escape. The hatchetfish are know to jump out of the water. If you can't put a lid or don't want a lid, you will need to keep several inches between water surface and top of tank.
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