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    Neons are not really "new tank" fish. They like a tank that has been around a few months. Put them in too early and all you get is 6 hours of death spirals.

    The Harlies are tougher and as long as the tank is cycled, usually do fine. They otherwise like the same water conditions as the Neons and once the tank is established, they mix well. Dutchie, I think that pic is a lambchop, not a harlie. Anyway, the Harlies look just like that, but a little taller, the black is more triangular, and the bellies are lighter.

    Coloration is more breeding than conditions. I suspect the more generations that are captive bred, the paler they get. At least in my case... I have 4 that I am told are only a few generations from wild that are deep red. I have 5 from PetSmart that are pale, and nearer an orange. Same tank, same size, same conditions. Of my Neons, in the very same tank, I have some with a deep blue that is practically indigo, some moving closer to a blue green, and every shade in between.

    The Dwarf Gourami I haven't really dealt with much in 30 years. Someone else can give you more up to date info on them.

    As for plants, the "easy" plants are just that. You stick them in some horrible "aquarium gravel" or tie them to a rock, get a half decent lightbulb, and forget them. They just grow and grow. Plants I have only done the last two years maybe... I cannot believe how well they do or how little I have to care about them. In fact, my 40 is probably closer to overgrown than aquascaped.
    Looks about 40 Gallon Tank
    Betta, Buenos Aires Tetra, Neon Tetra, Harlequin Rasbora, and Otocinclus
    Wisteria, Amazon Sword, Java Fern, and my unstoppable Trumpet Snail Army

    Looks about 75 Gallon Tank
    Wet and Empty; thinking Scalare, Corydoras, Otocinclus

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hardy85 View Post

    To tell you my honest opinion. I love my 55, but 75 is where it is at. Moving a tank isn't too bad.

    Remove the fish (into tote, buckets, or bags), empty the tank, keep filters wet. Move tank to new place, set up. Acclimate fish just like you bought them new

    If you can, look into "breeder" tanks, they also offer a nice foot print that allows more room to decorate etc. Thats my only complaint about the 55, its long and skinny

    +1+1+1 to the 75 gal for your main tank. It is my first tank and I love it (see my journal in my sig). You will be much happier with the 75 vs the 55 because it's 6 inches deeper. What a difference that extra 6 inches of depth makes! For the 75 gal I went with 2 Aquaclear 110s (AC110s) for filtration with sponges and biomax and 2 Aqueon Pro Heat 250W heaters. My lighting is a 48 inch Beamswork single bright LED. Filtration and heating are about the same for the 55 & 75, so go with the 75 if you can. You won't be sorry!

    Except for the tank and fish, all my equipment was ordered online from and My lighting was ordered from You will save big $$$ ordering online.
    Last edited by gronlaura; 06-18-2013 at 10:15 PM.
    75 gal - Smudge Spot Cories, Silvertip & Pristella Tetras, Scissortail & Red Tail Rasboras, Pearl Gourami, Black Kuhli Loaches, Whiptail Cats, Wild Caught BNP
    Dual 29 gals - Diamond Tetras. Harlequin Rasboras, Bloodfin Tetras
    10 Gal - Mr. Betta's Fishy Paradise

    "Life isn't about waiting for the storm to's about learning to dance in the rain"

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    + 1 to getting a 75 gal, you will thank yourself in the long run. Gives you a little wiggle on stocking.
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    Once you learn to quit, it becomes a habit.
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    Thank you everyone. I would love a 75 and will keep an eye on Craigslist, but I would have to put it in storage until the house is ready.

    Last night I went to All-pets emporium and Petco. Nothing. I didn't find a tank or tank kit that I liked and felt was at a good price. Then again, my fiancee was rushing me.

    I saw this online. Aqueon 25 Gallon Premium Aquarium Kit for $99.99 Any thoughts?

    It fits the dimensions of the area that I have available.

    I'm still looking into the $2/gal deal on tank+hood at petco and then just getting the heater and filter separately.

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    Actually I was just saying don't do that deal, but then saw it came with a dual t5 light....

    That's actually a decent deal. I still think you would want to swap the filters out, or at least add 1 more (an aquaclear 20 added to that would be good)

    The water conditioner is ok to start with, Prime is what you eventually want to use

    But for the tank, lid, and light that isn't too bad

    Also, the filters will say to change the carterrage out monthly or so, don't do this, just clean in old tank water as needed until it falls apart, then replace but keep as much as old filter with the new filter as you can (in my older HOB filters I used pillow stuffing and biomax)

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    I have actually almost bought that setup from petsmart a couple times. I do like the aqueon brand of equipment for their lifetime warranty. (They shipped me out a new filter for one that leaked and I got it next day since I live close to them in WI.) I dont have the type of heater it comes with, but I have a couple of their pro heaters and I love them. I would say go for it but check to see if petsmart has a 15% off coupon online first. They have them a few times a year for use instore. Also it will be easy to add a filter since it comes with a glass top instead of a plastic canopy.

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    Ah, cool, thanks. I do need some clarification on something

    "just clean in old tank water as needed until it falls apart"

    Do you mean, some of the old water that removed from the tank? I'm assuming this is to keep some of the good bacteria in the filter.

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    Yes, exactly, what I do is remove the filters into a bucket, and pour tank water over them, rub them off a little gently and put them back into the filter... only really need to do it when it starts to block flow b/c it is junked up

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    Thank you all for your advice. Due to space constraints, I settled on the following:

    - Top Fin 20 Gallon(high) Aquarium hood/combo(PetSmart)
    - LED Light - can't remember if it is aqueon or Marineland.(I may take this back, I got the 18-24" so there is a 6" area where the LED isn't over. Also, it looks like the tank would maybe need 2 of these side by side in order to fill it out. The Glofish that I may get require a blue light, so if anyone can make a quggestion, it would be appreciated.
    - Seachem Prime 500ml
    - 25 Foot - Python No Spill Clean and Fill Aquarium Maintenance System
    - Gulfstream Tropical AGU030SM Mag-Float Glass Aquarium Cleaner, Small
    - AquaClear 50 Power Filter - 110 V, UL Listed
    - EHEIM Jager Aquarium Thermostat Heater 125W
    - 25 Lb Black Gravel
    - 5 Lb Assorted Gravel
    - 4" Fish net

    - GloFish Barrels Ornament
    - GloFish Rock Ledge Ornament
    - 3 x GloFish Large GITD Plastic Plants

    Still need to pick up(probably today or tomorrow)
    - API Freshwater Master Test Kit
    - Ammonia

    What else am I missing?

    Any recommendations?

  10. Default

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    Looks pretty good. I wouldn't use the "Carbon" pack that comes with the aquaclear, really not needed. I'd replace it with another pack of biomax

    I am personally not a huge fan of the glofish, but the set ups can be interesting.

    Sounds like you are doing pretty good so far. Remember. Patience when it comes to cycling the tank. It will probably take at least 2 weeks, maybe a little longer.

    Also, pick up a glass thermometer to make sure the heater is at the right temp (they're like $2 and will help you calibrate the jager if need be)

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