Hello everyone. I got bitten by the aquarium bug and am looking for some guidance. I've read the sticky on fishless cycling and will probably start that in the next few days. I'm purchasing Prime and the API Freshwater Master kit. Tonight I am heading to purchase a tank and this is where I need the guidance.

We are moving into a new home in 2-3 months and I will be able to get a bigger tank(55-75 gal), but in the meantime, I'd only have about 24"L x 14"W to play around with. After some research, I saw that I could get either a 20 tall, 20 normal, or 25 gal. a 10 gal will obviously fit there as well, Any recommendations?

I figure that once we move, I can either use the smaller tank as a QT or breeding tank, or maybe let me son keep it in his room.

So, any suggestions on tank size and fish?

I'd really like some colorful fish.

Any suggestions on a filter and heater?

Thank you so much in advance.