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    Default Wild collected fish brought the plague! Need advice

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    First of all, let me say I know better than to do what I did so we can bypass that part if possible. Basically, I work in very nice expensive communities in south Florida and always had a curiosity for what roamed in the golf course waters. Eventually, I took a large net and selectively took swipes near the banks and what I found was amazing. Needless to say, this became a bit of an addiction over the coming days as I found so much diversity I simply couldn't stop.

    Freshwater gobies
    Tons of shrimp
    Jewel and Mayan cichlids
    Golden wonder killifish
    Some kind of eel
    Random pleco

    This is just to name a few.

    However, this all became a disaster when days later fish started dying rapidly. All parameters with the exception of ph were great, and it seemed to take out my cories and iatuba plecos first. I'm assuming I Introduced this and now, I'm left with far less fish. Oddly enough, and the reason I don't blame water parameters is that all my claw shrimp and bamboo shrimp are doing perfect. I figure they would go first if it was a water quality issue. This disease wiped about 50% and they died one by one mostly being the cories, plecos, and gobies first. One clue I noticed us what appears to be bacterial infections that presented from the back to front eventually turning the body white. Is this columnaris?

    Anyways, here's my question. What can I do short of breaking tank down to rid it of whatever so I can add fish again at some point. I don't wanna kill my inverts so copper and salt are out. Also, what would be a good medicine to add to container water during transport should I go this route again just to make a little difference.

    Thank you all, I'd appreciate no lectures, as I'm more knowledgable than this story makes me sound. I just couldn't resist seeing what's in our waters that few people will ever know.

    In closing, I learned one other thing. The war on invasive species is lost. It's been lost for a long time. Non native outnumber native in my areas by far.

    Thanks all, I will check back frequently.


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    Would be very interesting reading if you started a blog on this with some numbers and locations. But I digress....

    What are you dealing with exactly? Sounds like a fungus to me. Pics? Have you considered evacuating your shrimp to another tank? What are your stocking levels at the moment?

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    Also, I have a 300g pond which many fish ended up in, both new and old. They did fine. I have a mineralized substrate that did get disturbed early on. Perhaps I crashed the ph before I noticed and that weakened the fish? Just a thought

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    Some fish did end up with that cottony mouth but not enough to say it took them all. Stock levels were always medium to low and the tank is a 75g bowfront planted. Even though I live below nonstop limestone, our tap water has a ph of 8 but absolutely zero buffering capacity. I've since added a piece of clean seawall rock that should make a bit of difference. In also adding a mild amount of baking soda.

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    If this is bacterial, I have heard good things about Furan2. I don't know what it will do to your inverts, you will have to research that one. The best way to prevent this from happening again is to QT any future wild caught fish for at least a month before introducing them to your main tank. Another precaution I use with all of my wild caught fish to dose with PraziPro at least twice, (two to three weeks apart) while in QT.
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    Don't golf courses treat their fairways and greens with chemicals?
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    Quarantine would have naturally been the best course but to keep one cycled and running big enough to hold more than a fish or two hasn't been practical for me and my house. I've also heard recently that some people are of the opinion qt tanks put more stress on the fish than thought. Again though, it would have been a better option than what happened to me so your right

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    I'm hoping there's a reasonably safe bath or dip I can have in my bucket for the ride home. Hell, at this point there's nobody in the tank to infect but themselves, Jk.

    I keep a air stone and a bit of prime for the 15min drive but would like to add something more. Salt scares me, but I hear its one of the safer choices. Methaline blue is mentioned as well but I know nothing about it. I won't have inverts in the collection bucket (50lb container) on the ride home so any addition then is fine by me if one is better than the other.

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    Yes they do, but if that we're the case, my inverts would have been the first to go. Still, losing every pleco and catfish says something... I'm just not putting it all together.

    At this point, I'm more inclined to believe I created a ph crash or had one occur at night due to my disturbing of the substrate and lack of alkaline buffer present in the water column. This either killed them that day, or allowed them to become suseptible to something they normally can fight off. I really just don't know

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    I am against the idea of a PH crash and this its more likely you just added in a bunch of fish that have bacteria growing on them from another source and the existing fish had no immunity to such things.

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