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    Default Starting Fishless Cycle - Add Ammonia Daily or No?

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    I've fishless cycled tanks before no problem but that was years ago and now I'm re-learning so please bear with me. Heater's going, filter's going, air pump is bubbling away and I've added ammonia and I'm registering at about 4ppm. I want it rather high since I want to stock this 10g up. I did read Lady Hobbs fishless cycling article on here and she says to add the ammonia to the level you want then leave it for a few days before testing to see if levels are dropping off. Is this correct? Other things I've read have said to add ammonia daily...? I have to pick up nitrite/ate tests yet.
    Also, is it essential to have the tank decorated before this process? I am intending to decorate slowly during cycling....thanks guys!

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    No need to run a heater yet unless you just want to. It has no effect on the cycle.

    4ppm is WAY too high for a 10g. I did my 55g that high and my cycled was stalled because of it. I'd take out some water until you're down to about 2ppm at the most. That should be plenty to stock that 10g.

    Do as Lady Hobbs said. After you add the ammonia all you do is wait. Don't add anymore ammonia until it drops to zero.

    Decorating is optional. Has no effect.
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    The Heater will not have a large effect but the metabolism of pretty much everything cold blooded speeds up when in warm temperatures. Therefore it might be worth a try to keep the water warm if you want a fast cycle.

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    Agree with all the above. I did run my heater at 82 when I fishless cycled as I figured it couldn't hurt.
    As MandyK said, removed some of the water until you get the ammonia down to around 2.

    After a few days, began to test for ammonia levels which will drop slowly at first, then quickly. At that point you should see nitrites. When you do and when ammonia is also 0 then dose ammonia back to 1 (half of your original dose) Only dose ammonia again every 24 hours and only when it drops back to 0.
    Reread the fishless cycling stickie and you'll breeze right through it!
    Good luck!
    Last edited by fishmommie; 06-17-2013 at 09:49 PM.
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    Ok wonderful, thank you everyone. I took out some water and added new, will test in a bit to see where the level's at. I want to be able to fully stock the tank at once when it's done cycling. Still deciding on inhabitants though.

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