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    Is the tank narrower than fish is long? My guess it is and that's what can stress fish out. In addition LFS guy stressed the Aro even more. So:
    1: you need a bigger tank for your Aro
    2: try to put some Stress Coat+ or Prime Stress Guard, turn off the lights or better yet cover the tank fully.
    3: Don't change more than 50% of water, you'll stress fish even more.
    4: What else do you have in the tank?

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    Large water changes won't or should not stress the fish.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kim92 View Post
    Large water changes won't or should not stress the fish.
    Fish other than Aro - should not stress out. Aro will be stressed out especially in a tank this small.

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    Having owned a few aros, I know they do not mind large water changes. In fact, the cleaner the water, the better for them. They will grow fast if fed well. And keeping the water clean is essential in them developing properly.

    Once you have started the whole process of a water change, it really will not hurt to take out 50% of the water, or 80%.

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    Okay guys I solved the problem by adding a Powerful power head its a Boyu 2500 B and he is no longer biting his tail, though he tries to sometimes but actually can't due to the water current.

    I have also done a weekly water change of 40% and added Paracidol again, though I am sure it is not a parasite but anyway just a precaution.

    He has caused some damage to his tail fin, well that was on last Sunday, On last Monday first thing I got the power head and observed his behavior for a week he seems fine and his fin seems to be healing.

    1. Do I have to get Stress Coat + , I have not heard many great things about it on the net (heard it leaves a slime on the glass and that it is unnatural to have Aloe in the tank - things I don't want ), although it looks promising though. I need to hear from people who have used it and are satisfied with it, I am not sure my LFS would have Prime Stress Guard, I can ask them to order it but that would take another week.
    2. Yes I know that a 8 footer is small for an Aro that grows an inch a month, no worries I will be giving him off to my friend who has a 300 Gallon which should hold him for a while, but I need the fins to heal first, so again does SC+ live up to its reputation.
    3. His appetite has reduced since the LFS guy spooked him (for those who haven't kindly see my post on the first page), he is now not fulling eating the Hikari pellets, he spits them and then chews and again spits, this is his characteristic behavior that he mostly shows when he is scared, so whats scaring him now, don't tell me he is having an anxiety attack , although he is eating frozen shrimps properly without spitting, I never had this problem before he has always been eating 40-50 pellets everyday without spitting for 6 months and all of a sudden he is exhibiting this behavior.

    Any help would be great

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    if he is eating shrimp, I wouldn't worry too much about it.

    with clean water, aros heal very quickly. don't bother with the SC+.
    your friendly neighbourhood arowanaman!

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