Hi there, I need to find a solution to the problem of my background not sticking to my tank. I've used SeaView twice; both times with the same result: it looks good at the beginning, but then it does whatever it does and air bubbles form and get bigger and bigger and now it looks pretty bad.

I'd like to paint the back of the tank a solid colour, but I have a lot of open space in my tank so I want a background until I add more plants because it'll look too barren if I paint it right now. In the meantime, I found two possible solutions online that I'm willing to try: using Vaseline to stick the background just like using Seaview, or using another product called JBL Fixol. Has anyone ever used either of these methods? I feel like I'll still end up with bubbles if I use Vaseline (just after a longer time than with Seaview because Vaseline is thicker). Also, the JBL Fixol is marketed as an "adhesive", but I'm not sure whether it's an actual adhesive or just another oil-based-film product like SeaView. Does anyone know? Finally, I read about using soap-water but I don't want to use this method (unless everyone who replies sings its praises) because it'll be messy and I don't have high hopes for it.

My last idea is to use some sort of a glue that will dry (instead of remaining a liquid like Seaview or Vaseline) and actually stick the background onto the glass so that it doesn't come off. I have two worries with this, though: I'm not sure if it'll look good and I don't know if I'll be able to take it off once I want to paint the back of the tank a solid colour. Any thoughts?

My only constraint is that I have plants in my tank so taking everything out and turining the tank on it's side isn't really an option because I don't want to uproot and replant all the plants. My tank is about four inches from the wall, but I 'm willing to take out all the water and fish and move it with all the plants and grave still insidel to better access the back (if I can lift it) if that's reuired.

Any suggestions are welcome. Thanks.