I currently have sailfin molly fry 3 days old, so that's exciting. Usually I just let them give birth in the main tank and survival of the fittest ensues, but this time we decided to try to save some so set up a temporary fry tank (stepdaughter is loving me for it, she got to put that tank in her room and she's started naming all the fry, lol). It's hard to count because they're still small and fast but I'd say we have approx. 10-12 babies. Can't wait to see how they turn out as they grow! The parents are sunset sailfins, large and really pretty. I bought the mated pair a couple months back because I haven't seen nice sailfins since the goldens I had as a kid! I will also have fry sometime soon from my red-eyed golden sailfin female and the sunset male.

If anyone lives in or near central Iowa and is interested in some when they're bigger, let me know! Otherwise I'll probably keep a couple and take the rest to my LFS. I'll post pics as they grow, and pics of the parents. Looks like some very cool coloration on some of them!