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  1. Default Need a new addition to my tank

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    20 gallon tank.
    So far I have
    6 Neon Tetras
    6 Zebra Danios
    2 Chinese Algae Eaters
    3 Raphael Catfish

    I am looking now for a main attraction fish. Would prefer two of them that swim mid to upper level. Something a bit bigger, right now all my fish are 2 inches at the longest. I wouldnt mind something that is around 2-3 inches and gets to 4 inches or so? Would also prefer a single bold color.

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    In a 20?!

    You've already run out of room. The Raphael Catfish, alone, can get up to 6-8" in length (and can live up to 20+ years, just so you know). The 20gal is not big enough for them and you should rehome them or upgrade your tank. Likewise, your CAEs can reach 6-8" in length, as well... Both the Catfish and CAEs are also opportunistic eaters. You might find that you're missing your Neons and Danios, eventually. You should look to rehome and/or upgrade your tank for the CAEs, too.

    I would take back your CAEs and your Raph cats, and then I would re-think your tank size and stocking preferences. We can work with a 20gal, but you need to work within the confines of your tank. Also, do you have a 20gal tall or 20gal long tank?

    A suggestion might be going with a BN Pleco, rather than having the SAEs or Raph cats... then you'll kill two birds with one stone. Algae eater + bottom dweller. Or, you could go with a small school of Corydoras, or even Otocinclus.
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    When in doubt, ask yourself... W.W.L.S (What would Lee Say)?

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  3. Default

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    The tanks demensions are 24x12x16 high.
    I was actually in a conundrum about the CAE's. I bought them on Tuesday at my LFS and have been uneasy about them since I bought htem. I was going to post on here but since all seems well in ym tank I didnt. I lost one fish last night but unfortuantely I found him on my desk when I woke up. But I did read reviews about them sticking to other fish and being deadly to tanks.
    Other than that, I was planning on keeping small fish. I know my LFS is usually happy with trading bigger fish for smaller ones. So I figured when one does outgrow my tank, I can trade it for a smaller fish.

    I really do like the raphaels. Can I get rid of my CAE's and swap them for a pleco you think?

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    You may like the Raphaels, but I can tell you they won't be happy in such a small tank. What you have is a 20gal High. What you have are mostly fish that will swim in the mid or bottom and won't even utilize the top of that tank. The danios are the exception. CAEs are mid-bottom swimmers, raph cats are bottom dwellers, neons utilize the mid-section. Get rid of your CAEs - what you read about them is true. They eat algae while they're young, but once they're more mature, they'll begin to suck the slime coat off of fish and become more territorial. You have been warned about the Raph cats... they might be fine, now, but they may eat your other fish when they're bigger. They have enormous mouths...

    Honestly, I would take back those 5 fish, otherwise you're stuck with what you have. There's nothing else you can do with your tank, because you're grossly overstocked at the moment.
    Adventures in Aquaria - The KevinVA Story

    When in doubt, ask yourself... W.W.L.S (What would Lee Say)?

    Have a fish problem? Fill out and post this completed questionnaire in the General Aquarium Forum, when you start a new thread.

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    Yeah. Get rid of the CAE, and Raphael's. The CAE will end up fighting when they mature. If they mature in a tank that small. And the Raphaels will not last long in a 20 high either. Re-home these fish, then you can go from there. Until then, don't add anything.

  6. Default

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    Do you think I can get rid of the CAE's and add a pleco? And I want to keep the raphaels for a bit

  7. Default

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    When they get bigger, I can put raphaels in a pond in my backyard right?

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