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Thread: Mad Doe Sydrome

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    Quote Originally Posted by KevinVA View Post
    The cat was a threat, just as the dog. Anything with claws, fangs and 2-4 legs is perceived as a threat to a mother deer. That being said, it's in the middle of a neighborhood. I don't think anyone's "blaming" the deer, but it could have been taken care of, before anything bad happened. The people standing around, videotaping, etc. are stupid people. The dog should have been leashed and taken inside. The two deer could have been tranq'd and relocated, so this type of thing doesn't happen and they're all safe.

    Once again, people side with stupidity and lose the battle in the survival of the fittest. ;P
    Amen to that, agree 100%
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    No blasting from here either, I said it before and I'll say it again "country girl can survive", LOL.
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    I have 80 acres. I have to share it with the wildlife. I feel it's part of my responsibility as a land owner.

    If we/livestock/pets were in serious danger? That's one thing...but in this instance a doe and fawn have priority. People see danger where there is none...or just aren't willing to concede that they're not that important at that point...or are just looking for an excuse to go shoot something...

    I find it sad.
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    Which instance are we talking about?

    You can't just go about living life "trusting" nature and the animals therein. They're unpredictable... You could get bitten by a rabid squirrel and end up in serious danger. You could get trampled by a deer, eaten by a bear, attacked by wild dogs/wolves, etc. Hell, you could get bitten by your dog or cat for doing something he/she doesn't like, because they have instincts, which typically supersedes their learned behavior.

    Your life and safety takes priority. If there's a doe with a fawn walking around your neighborhood (in the middle of streets and homes, that have cats, dogs and people walking around on a daily basis, you should know that this could be a dangerous situation for all parties involved. If you don't, then you're unaware of the dangers in nature.
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    L0L, mandy! All I can picture is y0u running ab0ut flapping madly, w0000! I hunt, but 0nly f0r the purp0se 0f eating what I sh00t. I pers0nally w0uld n0t sh00t a d0e with a fawn under alm0st any circumstance. 0f c0urse it is all d0wn t0 survival instinct, I supp0se and it w0uld an "in the m0ment" scenari0. I als0 had t0 crack up when Mandy said " I have 40 acres and it's Mine". It is 0n paper, but wildlife can't read. Humans have been 0n the planet far less time than alm0st every 0ther animal- we are the "encr0achers" and we are 0nly the t0p 0f the f00d chain when we are in armed numbers- just ask a grizzly bear in Alaska. I used t0 teach survival classes in the Army, I am pretty well prepared f0r m0st situati0ns in the wild, but with0ut a gun- a deer, p0und f0r p0und, will st0mp a mud h0le in y0u and march it dry.
    Mandy, next time run in a zig zag pattern t0wards a tall tree, l0l.
    When in d0ubt read it until it makes sense, then read it again!

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    Kevin: I meant the original video. There's a doe and very newborn fawn. That's not the time to get out the video cameras, let out the dog, spook the doe...and then when it reacts - blame the deer.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Longshot View Post
    Mandy, next time run in a zig zag pattern t0wards a tall tree, l0l.
    lol, classic. Poor Mandy. I wish her original reaction was caught on tape - instant classic. ;P

    FWIW: We are the top of the food chain, because of our minds. We create the tools to survive and hunt efficiently. No other animal is capable of this and thus, must rely on their God-given tools, such as claws, fangs, running ability, jumping ability, etc. Every animal seems to have a specific quality that grants them success in survival to some extent... ours just happens to be our brain.

    Imagine humans in the wild, without our advanced brain. We'd be bottom of the barrel meat puppets. Our nails are fragile and only good for limited digging/scratching, our teeth are not very large or intimidating, we're only as strong or as fast as we train ourselves to be, but that pales in comparison to the strongest and fastest animals in the world.

    Sorry, getting off on a tangent. Just like to wonder about this stuff sometimes. lol

    @Rue, I don't think anyone, except the person with the camera knew the fawn was there, until it started walking around. Honestly, the only thing that spooked the deer was the cat and the dog - they were perceived threats, instinctively. You can see that, by the way the doe bum-rushed the dog, when the dog was just standing there, minding its' own business. Animals = unpredictable.
    Adventures in Aquaria - The KevinVA Story

    When in doubt, ask yourself... W.W.L.S (What would Lee Say)?

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    Yep, animals -- nature itself -- is unpredictable. Just ask Siegfried and Roy who had that tiger act in Las Vegas. Roy Horn wasn't expecting his favorite tiger to attack him -- spooked, as I understand it, by some lady in the audience. He subsequently suffered a stroke, and may never be the same. Still, immediately after the attack, he begged authorities to NOT destroy the tiger. He knew it was only acting instinctively.

    No matter how "tame" we think an animal is, it can revert at any time back to its wild nature. That's just how our world was designed ...
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    Lol Longshot! I mentioned the acres because I was comparing my situation to the one in the video with the dog and the cat. I intended to let everyone know that if I had actually shot at something that I wouldn't be endangering any human life, whereas in the other situation that probably wasn't possible.

    And yes, had we shot the doe we would have eaten her. I don't know what we would have done with the fawn. I don't know what the best situation would have been because my husband said that they often die if you try to make a pet of them, but that mothers travel in packs and would probably have adopted the fawn assuming that something else didn't get to it first.

    I would have taken on pleasure in it, believe me. As I've said MANY times before -- life is precious no matter how small. I just don't play around when it comes to my own animals.

    We just recently had an incident with a coon stealing baby kittens. I am an avid cat person, and I LOVE my kittens. Needless to say -- the next night was that coon's last night sneaking into my barn. Sure, the coon was just being a coon. I get it. But he'd be taking my kittens over my coon murdered body!

    Just the same with the doe except that her intentions were far more honorable. Lol.

    EDIT: I indeed was running in a circle and flapping.
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    That's so funny :) and yet we can all sympathize. If it was my baby and a strange dog was sniffing around near by I would run it down along with anything that got in my way as well. Glad you three are o.k.

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