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    Default substrate for planted aquarium

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    hello everyone!

    I have a ten gallon tank with sand as the substrate right now. while my sand is gorgeous, I'm really interested in doing a planted tank and i think a different substrate would be better. right now all of my plants are in terra cotta pots /: what substrate would you all recommend? just flourite? do i need to mix it with something? is that even the best kind for plants? its a tropical aquarium with a betta, neons, and a cory cat.

    thank you!

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    I wouldn't keep neons in a 10 gallon and I certainly would never keep a single cory.

    Anyway, what I recommend is getting a good plant substrate like Tetraplant, spread a thin layer of that and cover with whatever you like to look at. Remove the plants from the pots, remove the rockwool and plant.

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    i'm giving away my neons because i know they are schooling and need a bigger tank (i dont even like neons lol- i rescued them). and yes, im working on another couple cories after i get rid of the neons- i dont want to put too many fish in there right now. i actually research my fish before i get them unlike most people, im trying to give them the best home possible with what i got right now (:

    thank you for your advice, i will look into getting some (:

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    I use this in my planted tanks.

    I would keep either the Betta or the Neons. Not both and not cory's. Neons and shrimp would be OK.

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    like i said, the neons are on craigslist as we speak lol. my friend was getting rid of her fish tank and going to put them in the retention pond behind our apartment complex D: poor little guys. and why not cories with a betta?
    Last edited by aaustin15; 06-13-2013 at 06:47 PM.

  6. Default

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    Cories need a larger "footprint" than a 10gal can provide - they like length and a group to be happy.

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    interesting, i have never heard that before. well, i found a home for my neons, so i guess ill give them the cory too. what would you suggest then for a bottom feeder in my tank? ive never really had a tropical tank like this. my last fish was an african lung fish and we used to have cichlids, mostly oscars.

  8. Default

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    Are you looking for a bottom feeder because you want an inhabitant on the bottom? Very often people put catfish into a tank as a "clean up crew" which is not appropriate - I'm not saying you want that. If you want bottom dwellers, larger shrimp would be best once the tank has been running for several months.

    On the other hand, I've seen people recommend "pygmy" cories which get no larger than an inch or so - that would be appropriate for bottom feeders if they interest you.

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    yeah im not too interested in a clean up crew, i just really like having fish at all levels of the aquarium because i think it looks neat. my tank has been cycled for a year (it used to house my newt) so maybe shrimp would be a good option if i cant find the pygmy cories.

    thanks for your advice! very helpful (:

  10. #10


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    Quote Originally Posted by imma24 View Post
    Cories need a larger "footprint" than a 10gal can provide - they like length and a group to be happy.
    Unless you'd get pygmy cories.

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