So, I'm planning re-setting up my 5 gal bow front tank. I really love the look of moderately-to-heavily planted tanks, but I don't have the desire or patience to deal with injecting CO2 and lots of ferts, so no high-light, high-maintenance tank for me!

The current overall plan is to set it up with a small number of the plants I want (to save money), and then try to grow them out before even thinking of doing a fishless cycle and adding the animal occupants. I'm planning on a single betta, and some algae-eaters (last time I had ramshorn and trumpet snails for the algae-eaters).

My tank is an Aqueon 5 gallon bow front, bought as a starter kit so it came with a filter. The light is a 10 watt, 6500k flourescent. I forget what the heater was exactly, but I do remember it keeping at a nice low 80s that bettas love. I'm planning on purchasing Eco Complete for the substrate. I'm also thinking of having a terra cotta pot as a centerpiece/fish cave.

As far as potential plants go...
-I love Cryptocorynes, so will likely get some of those.
-Either an Anubias or a Java Fern to go on top of the pot
-Might try to do a Java Moss wall, though it'd likely lead to an asymmetrical look, thanks to to the positioning of the filter, light, and heater. The asymmetrical bit is what might stop me from doing that.

Last time I tried Micro Sword, and while I love the look and wish I could have it, I'm pretty sure my light is too weak for it.

I'm trying to think of what else I could put in there that wouldn't be too much work, and also wouldn't overwhelm the tank. Last time I had an onion plant, and that quickly grew too big for the tank. I'm afraid an Amazon Sword would do the same. I'm also worried about the balance of slow to fast growers. I want plants that will be able to suck up all of the ammonia produced by the animals, but at the same time, my favorites (the crypts and the Anubias) are known for being slow-growers.

I'm also trying to figure out how best to introduce Nitrogen into the tank to encourage them to grow and fill in the tank before I start cycling it for fish.